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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cross Over

Yes, braids are back in this spring and summer season (not that they ever really left completely). Weather you are twisting it around the side of your shoulder, wearing it as a head band, dressing this style up for a night out or getting creative, braids are definitely in with the hairstyles right now.

I love and wear this look all the time. The over-the-shoulder side braid is a great, quick style for when you are running out but want to still feel and look put together. As you can see, these lovelies also wore it for more than just 'running out'. Versatile too!

Braids can look very classy when used for dressing the hair up, they seem very timeless with this style.

Yes, the corn rows are back for the ladies again and if you are one who can wear this style, and look good in it, I say do it.....I have always wanted to be able to wear this style, but thank God I recoginize that I can't. I love seeing beauties like Ciara sport this look though.

LOVE this style! Love that it is different and BOLD! Jill Scott is rockin' this style and what a great alternative to shaving one side....Melanie Brown (who actually pulls that off too). It's nice that you still have hair there when you are over the look.

This is a signature look for these beauties. What a nice soft little way to wear the hair down yet dress it up.

**Hope this gets those wheels turnin' for some of you. I know I like to change my hairstyles up and this is a great time (start of spring and change of wardrope) to do it!

Little something to ponder on today: "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going" ~unknown


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just on a little break.....VACATION!!

OK y'all, sorry that I have been such a bad blogger lately but with good reason. I had fallen ill with what I thought was a stomach virus (it just happened to be going around down here) but when I hit going on 10 days of stomach cramps, chills, fever and some of the WORST headaches I have ever had, I knew it was not just a virus I had. BTW, I let it go so long due to people, who had the actual stomach virus going around, telling me that it leaves but then comes back. Sorry, totally rambling! Turns out I had salmonella. No wonder I felt so terrible. I thank God I went in when I did too, because once it enters you your bloodstream, which it did with me, it can really lead to some other serious infections. Once I started getting a stiff neck and terrible back pain, I actually got a little worried and knew it would be wise to get my bootie into the doc. I could keep hearing my mom say "you owe it to your kids and your husband to always get checked out so you can be here for them". That would not leave my head...thanks mom!

After 5 shots in the rear of antibiotics and 10 days of medication, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! If I can leave you all with any words of wisdom today, it would be to always listen to your body and if you are ever questioning anything, that is confirmation to go get it checked out. From the beginning I told my husband that I didn't think what I had was a virus but I let it go, and if I would have gone in earlier I could have saved my self a lot of pain. Not to mention that it could have done some major damage to the rest of my body.

So, I now I am on vacation with my family, feeling good just in time! I will be MIA on here just a little bit longer since I am not at my home base but had to be in touch with my fellow bloggers!

Have a good weekend....almost here, and many blessings to you all!

***Always listen to your gut!!!



Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Despite what many of has have been told, and although it is popular belief that most sun damage is done before the age of 18, only 23% of sun exposure is obtained before 18. So, to maintain some beautiful skin like Ms. Biel make sure to be wearing that sun screen daily, and also incorporate a make up with an SPF included in it for some added protection. I know that I seem to feel the affects of a sun burn more now, then back in the day. I recently freaked out about my forehead getting wrinkles...PLEASE!! Hats are always a good thing too if you're going to be out for a while in those rays.
photo via people magazine

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!!