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Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis The Season...

With Thanksgiving now past, we are officially entering the rush of the Holiday Parties! I thought I would start by posting some nice dress finds to give those of you looking for that perfect party dress some ideas. Don't you just love getting all glamed up that night? I know I always have! These postings are dresses today, though a dress is definitely not the only way to go with Holiday attire, as you will see in some more of my up coming posts. I am also on the look out for great clutches, heels, jewelry and beauty tips, to help give you any advice and inspiration I can, in order to aid in you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous this Holiday Season.

Here are some lovelies, who are wearing some great dresses that not only work for a Holiday party, but can also be worn again for different events and occasions. Point being that the dress will not sit on the hanger after that one night=getting your money's worth!

Dresses found here: net-a-porter victoriasecret lanebryant

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What are you giving thanks for?

Naturally, on Thanksgiving we tend to ponder on those things which we are thankful for with a little extra thought.I thought I would share 5 things that I am very thankful for with you all.

I am THANKFUL for :

1.) My wonderful husband and father of my kids, who adores us.
2.) The health of my children, along with my own health and my husband's too (all my loved ones too;)
3.) That we have a roof over our heads with warm beds to sleep in every night.
4.) That my kids go to bed with full tummies every night.
5.) That we have clean water to drink on a daily basis.

I thought I would include some things that I am thankful for, pertaining to style and beauty, that I have at the tips of my pretty little fingers every day. Though the list above is of far more importance to me, I am still very thankful to have all of these items.

A fabulous pair of heels, they always end up making the outfit!

My Steve Madden!

I am glad to have my maxi dress, which is not only stylish but mega comfy too in this HOT weather here in Panama.

Who isn't grateful for a figure flattering pair of jeans, that you love to wear?!!

I always like when people tell me that I smell really good ( I guess who doesn't, right) and that is thanks to my beloved Ralph.

My mascara, lip shine, and blush. Though I do wear more than this, I use these three for sure on a daily basis. If you have never tried the juicy tubes by should!

Happy Thanksgiving All! Most of you are on a long weekend as of now, so enjoy!

Until Monday!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Need a boost?

I needed some extra motivation this morning with getting myself going, and so I thought I would re-post this blog, a little extra amped up, incase some of your were having a slow start to the week too. It seems like Monday mornings can be hit or miss when it comes to feeling quite motivated in getting ourselves ready and out the door. Whether it is heading into work, getting the kids to school, or even just running erands, we all have those mornings, especially Mondays, when we just don't feel like taking that extra time to get ready. Well here are some tips for a quick make up application, which in turn will create an instant energy boost (that, along with our coffee) to help when a jump start is needed.

Eyes: If you have a tired eye (keeping moisturizer in the fridge can help with this too) you can apply some concealer underneath to aid in brightening them up, and then follow with an illuminating shadow if wanted. Not much is needed, you just want to give some lightness to the area. Use a nice light shadow over the lids and corners, gold-flickered is always pretty. Follow with a darker shade by applying slightly upwards in the outer corners. Put on some mascara and the eyes have life!
*Hint: For best results when applying mascara take nice long, SLOW strokes. You will get better coverage and more length...yes you will be surprised at how fast you might tend to go with that.

Cheeks: Apply blush in a C shape to enhance those cheek bones. Start at the center of the brow and apply around to cheek bones. By using this method it will help to create an over all sheen to that area.
*Always pretty: If time allowed, try a bronzer before, or apply a base with some tint in it to start. This will give some extra sheen to those beautiful cheek bones.

Lips: Berry color lip stains always add some extra life to your color, and rose colors are always pretty too and flatter any skin tone. Add some gloss for extra shine if wanted.
*Please: If using a lip liner always smudge with your pinkie finger to soften and not be left with a line when lipstick fades.
* Hint : Wearing a lipstick in a warm pink shade, which flatters all skin tones, will distract people's eyes from any imperfections or blemishes giving you a more perfect look with your skin.

Whether you create a natural look

or go with a more dramatic look,

the goal is to feel like this....

Even if it is only putting on some mascara with some lipshine (for me it's always at least blush, mascara and lipshine), to get your energy up and make you feel more "alive", then take that quick 7-15min. to do it. It really will not only brighten your face up, but your mood as well!

Blessings this Monday morning lovelies!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Picks of the week.

I always like to throw some different styles in for my pics of the week. That's probably because that's more my personality. I like to switch it up quite a bit...dress to impress, simple dresses, boots (all styles..mostly), jackets, be down right comfy and I actually like a sporty style too! Here are some styles that I like for different reasons, and as usual, hope that these can give you some inspiration when going through your closets...or shopping! May all of you style lovelies have a beautiful weekend!

OK, I am liking these jeans that Kim K. has on, and can't help but love the jacket too.

Amerie did it again for this dress, and tan heels too!

Do you see those tights?!

I am into the bomber/biker jackets and I like this casual look with it. Adds just enough to this simple style. * Something to remember: It's always fun to play your make-up, up, when wearing a simple look;)

I am one to usually opt for heels, but Gwyneth shows us that some cute flat boots still give some style (comfort too!) when in mommy mode.

This pic is obviously more about the purse than the outfit, and just wanted to show that a great tote is always needed no matter what the outfit....just makes everything better!!

I not only like the blazer with the skinny jeans that Gabrielle is sportin' , but also like the ruffles peeking out...makes it extra feminine.

I like this just for Keri's the sleeves and the color.

Like the thigh-highs on Hayden, and the coat too.

Eva is another who's style never seems to disappoint me.

Something to ponder on this weekend: If you were at a point were you have reached your FULL potential, where do you feel you would be right now?

Until Monday.....

some images via: peoplemagazine

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You Halle.

From Beauty Queen to Oscar winner, Halle Berry has been a house hold name for many years now. With her classic beauty and impeccable style, Halle Berry has not only been successful in making a name for herself, but she has truly been successful in helping many other women as well. As you will see below, (really should watch) Halle has not only come forward about growing up in a house with domestic abuse and endured it herself, but she has chosen to act on it as well. In doing so, she has made a difference in the lives of women, whom at one time, felt as if there were no hope. This being one of many reasons why Halle has a spot on my list of this years top 20 women of 2009....did I mention she has great style???;)

Visit for

Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Whether she is glamed up, or relaxed and casual, Halle always seems to keep some style to her look.

If you could do something to make a difference in others lives and serve others, what would you do?

There are two things I can think right off the bat that I would/will do.

1.)Pick many families each year who have sick children and wipe out their medical bills, put them in a more comfortable home (if needed), send them on a dream vacation etc.

2.)Build a big rec center here in Panama for underprivileged kids and teenagers. I want to give them a place where they can be counseled, and surrounded with them up so they have the want in being successful adults.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Women of 2009.

As most of you have probably already seen, this picture is everywhere. Rhianna is gracing the newest issue of Glamour Magazine, representing one of 50 of this years nominated top women and I have to say that I just love everything about this picture...beautiful! Most of these women were picked not only for their sense of style, but also for their confidence, drive, and influence with their charities. I am also making a an issue of this post because I think it is so great to see women doing so well. I recently watched a CNN report where Anderson Cooper interviewed 4 successful women, and when asked what they all agreed on as "key" to reaching the top, they all said aggressiveness. Women are simply not as aggressive as men and that is why most ( granted this not being the only reason, but a big one) women make less ( $.58-$.78 on the dollar) than men do. Men are known to be bolder and ask for what they feel they are worth. Women tend to act more on feelings and worry more about stepping on toes, or grateful that they got the position, so why not wait to demand more money. All of the 4 women agreed that women need to simply be aggressive. In other words, "ask and you shall receive".
Here are my top 20 (I couldn't narrow it down to top 10) women that inspire me both with their sense of style, along with their drive, and attitudes to give back.
Miss O

Tina Fey

Meryl Streep

Michelle Obama

Kate Winslet

Heidi Klum

Reese Witherspoon

Queen Latifa

Halle Berry

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Lopez

Eva Mendes

Jennifer Aniston

America Fererra

Kate Moss

Kate Beckinsale

Salma Hayek

I encourage all you fabulous women, and men too, to go for those things that you want. As I have already mentioned previously:

Sometimes we have to do some things we have never done, to get those things we have never had...and want.

Have a Blessed Monday Lovelies!!!

images courtesy: glamourmagazine