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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How high is too high?

Thigh-High perhaps? This new trend is definitely one that has women thinking twice if it is a style that they want to wear.
These pictures make me want a pair! What about you? Is the thigh-high a little too high for you, or right up your style lane?

If the thigh-high boot does seem to be a little much for you, then try something a little less bold, like these over-the-knee boots. Still make a statement, but not quite as high and look fabulous with many outfits.

Guess, over the knee:$199.00

Two Lips, over-the -knee:$160.00

Colin Stuart,convertible:$149.00

Take a look at some of Hollywood stepping out in their own pairs of these statement boots, and see if it draws any inspiration to sport a pair of your own.

*Whether you choose to put a pair of these thigh-highs on, or sport a different fabulous style, remember that as long as you feel comfortable and confident with what you have on, then you are going to carry it off!


  1. I looooove thigh high boots ~ gorgeous post, darling!


  2. I am really liking the thigh highs too CC!! Also, nookie, I agree with you about the Colin Stuart styles...although, I would buy them all if I could!!

  3. I definitely think this trend is wearable, it just depends what you style it with. I do find the suede versions to be a little more subtle and more elegant, i.e. not as borderling hookerish as the leather (or worse... patent leather) versions. I'm planning on getting a over-the-knee version... somehow I can't be able to find suitable thigh-high ones. Great post and a lovely blog :)