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Monday, November 16, 2009

Women of 2009.

As most of you have probably already seen, this picture is everywhere. Rhianna is gracing the newest issue of Glamour Magazine, representing one of 50 of this years nominated top women and I have to say that I just love everything about this picture...beautiful! Most of these women were picked not only for their sense of style, but also for their confidence, drive, and influence with their charities. I am also making a an issue of this post because I think it is so great to see women doing so well. I recently watched a CNN report where Anderson Cooper interviewed 4 successful women, and when asked what they all agreed on as "key" to reaching the top, they all said aggressiveness. Women are simply not as aggressive as men and that is why most ( granted this not being the only reason, but a big one) women make less ( $.58-$.78 on the dollar) than men do. Men are known to be bolder and ask for what they feel they are worth. Women tend to act more on feelings and worry more about stepping on toes, or grateful that they got the position, so why not wait to demand more money. All of the 4 women agreed that women need to simply be aggressive. In other words, "ask and you shall receive".
Here are my top 20 (I couldn't narrow it down to top 10) women that inspire me both with their sense of style, along with their drive, and attitudes to give back.
Miss O

Tina Fey

Meryl Streep

Michelle Obama

Kate Winslet

Heidi Klum

Reese Witherspoon

Queen Latifa

Halle Berry

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Lopez

Eva Mendes

Jennifer Aniston

America Fererra

Kate Moss

Kate Beckinsale

Salma Hayek

I encourage all you fabulous women, and men too, to go for those things that you want. As I have already mentioned previously:

Sometimes we have to do some things we have never done, to get those things we have never had...and want.

Have a Blessed Monday Lovelies!!!

images courtesy: glamourmagazine


  1. Love that Rihanna cover and all of the women you selected, especially Iman!

  2. Fab selections!
    Love Tina Fey so!!


  3. Rihanna has definitely come a long way. I remember thinking she was just another R&B star in the same vein as Ashanti and whatever else was out there at the time.

    Great selection! I love Iman and Kate Winslet so much. I must confess though, as savvy as they are business wise, Heidi and Gwyneth do annoy me ;-)

  4. I have to agree with all of you...I guess that's why I posted all the ones I did! Iman just seems so timeless and a classic! Tina Fey has done such a great job with the Office and making a name for herself! Kate Winselt is so talented and sometimes under rated for her natural her!

  5. OK, so I totally made a mistake! I gave Tina Fey credit for the Office when I meant to credit her for the Office is great too;) Just had to correct myself!