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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank You Halle.

From Beauty Queen to Oscar winner, Halle Berry has been a house hold name for many years now. With her classic beauty and impeccable style, Halle Berry has not only been successful in making a name for herself, but she has truly been successful in helping many other women as well. As you will see below, (really should watch) Halle has not only come forward about growing up in a house with domestic abuse and endured it herself, but she has chosen to act on it as well. In doing so, she has made a difference in the lives of women, whom at one time, felt as if there were no hope. This being one of many reasons why Halle has a spot on my list of this years top 20 women of 2009....did I mention she has great style???;)

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Whether she is glamed up, or relaxed and casual, Halle always seems to keep some style to her look.

If you could do something to make a difference in others lives and serve others, what would you do?

There are two things I can think right off the bat that I would/will do.

1.)Pick many families each year who have sick children and wipe out their medical bills, put them in a more comfortable home (if needed), send them on a dream vacation etc.

2.)Build a big rec center here in Panama for underprivileged kids and teenagers. I want to give them a place where they can be counseled, and surrounded with them up so they have the want in being successful adults.



  1. Halle Berry is a goddess! Flawless beauty, impeccable wardrobe and a warm heart.

  2. Thanks for your really nice comment on my blog (:

    I always thought Halle's style was quite boring, but as a woman she is beautiful! Great what she's doing for women too by speaking up about domestic abuse.

    I think this is something Rihanna should talk about in public, stop all this publicity Chris Brown is getting for his new song. Disgraceful!

  3. I have to agree with you both about Halle's beauty...inner beauty as well.

  4. She is indeed a remarkable person. Is it me, does she never seem to age?? I prefer her with short hair, but she looks great regardless. I'm really glad she's been supporting this cause and that it's for a personal reason. I get a little tired of celebrities jumping on a bandwagon of being a spokesperson for charity, because they feel a need to do this for publicity. I believe Halle's also had some pretty difficult relationships behind her, so I admire her strength and determination in wanting to help others.

  5. Man are you right Haute-Shopper. She really looks so great at 40+. She dresses age appropiate, but still keeps some edge to her style (to me anyway:). I thought it was great to see this, because as they said, she has done a lot of "behind the scenes" involvment, and, I agree, sometimes celebs really do publicize their charities for their own benefit. It seems like this is one Halle really feels compelled to do. I think it can make your desire to help more effective when you have actually gone through it yourself. She is one I admire as well.

  6. I love love her street casual style. She is so chic without trying!

  7. Her beauty is timeless... Never gets old. Always elegant, very casual at the same time. Love her every day of my life.

  8. I agree, with both of you, God's Favorite Shoes, and Maria Tavares, Halle always looks good while being casual and just such a her!