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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feel comfortable in your own skin.

I love this picture of Eva Mendez. While she, undoubtedly, looks beautiful, she also looks so confident and comfortable in her own skin. She always looks this way and I love that about her. She is not always one we see heavy in the spotlight, but when we do, she is strutin' her matter what she is wearing! The confidence she exudes always shines through making her that much more attractive to the eye. There have actually been some fashion statements of hers that I have seen and probably would not have worn myself, but Eva wore it as though it were the hottest thing out there at the moment, making herself look amazing in it! That is being comfortable in your own skin!!

Always wear things that have you feeling that way. The more comfortable you are with how you look, and the more you feel good in your own skin, the more you are going to strut it = the more heads you will turn.... not that it is about that...right;)?


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  1. I totally agree with you. Love yourself and rock your clothes with confidence!