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Monday, November 23, 2009

Need a boost?

I needed some extra motivation this morning with getting myself going, and so I thought I would re-post this blog, a little extra amped up, incase some of your were having a slow start to the week too. It seems like Monday mornings can be hit or miss when it comes to feeling quite motivated in getting ourselves ready and out the door. Whether it is heading into work, getting the kids to school, or even just running erands, we all have those mornings, especially Mondays, when we just don't feel like taking that extra time to get ready. Well here are some tips for a quick make up application, which in turn will create an instant energy boost (that, along with our coffee) to help when a jump start is needed.

Eyes: If you have a tired eye (keeping moisturizer in the fridge can help with this too) you can apply some concealer underneath to aid in brightening them up, and then follow with an illuminating shadow if wanted. Not much is needed, you just want to give some lightness to the area. Use a nice light shadow over the lids and corners, gold-flickered is always pretty. Follow with a darker shade by applying slightly upwards in the outer corners. Put on some mascara and the eyes have life!
*Hint: For best results when applying mascara take nice long, SLOW strokes. You will get better coverage and more length...yes you will be surprised at how fast you might tend to go with that.

Cheeks: Apply blush in a C shape to enhance those cheek bones. Start at the center of the brow and apply around to cheek bones. By using this method it will help to create an over all sheen to that area.
*Always pretty: If time allowed, try a bronzer before, or apply a base with some tint in it to start. This will give some extra sheen to those beautiful cheek bones.

Lips: Berry color lip stains always add some extra life to your color, and rose colors are always pretty too and flatter any skin tone. Add some gloss for extra shine if wanted.
*Please: If using a lip liner always smudge with your pinkie finger to soften and not be left with a line when lipstick fades.
* Hint : Wearing a lipstick in a warm pink shade, which flatters all skin tones, will distract people's eyes from any imperfections or blemishes giving you a more perfect look with your skin.

Whether you create a natural look

or go with a more dramatic look,

the goal is to feel like this....

Even if it is only putting on some mascara with some lipshine (for me it's always at least blush, mascara and lipshine), to get your energy up and make you feel more "alive", then take that quick 7-15min. to do it. It really will not only brighten your face up, but your mood as well!

Blessings this Monday morning lovelies!


  1. Love this post, especially the hints for eyes :)


  2. I know, I agree! I think I might need to take my own advice and keep my moisturizer in the fridge!!

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  4. Great tips! I've always found that bronzer and blush go a long way. I never used to use it in the beginning, but it makes such a big difference. And my concealer is definitely my best friend!

  5. Concealer is a very good friend of mine too!