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Friday, January 29, 2010

Prints, Colors and.....CARGO.

So along with all of the brighter colors and prints we are seeing, and buying, Cargo wear has also made head way into this Springs attire. If I don't say so myself, VS has given me a new found love for Cargo wear and I want to pass that along to all of you. As always I like to post this stuff to give y'all some ideas and get those wheels turning for you as you begin to change out some of your seasonal wardrobe. I love looking through these catalogs because even if I don't buy from them, I always find something to look for on my next shopping trip, or I create a new look for myself from something I have seen. Enjoy! Oh, and for much more browsing:victoriassecret

Love the Utility dresses.

I know I already posted pics of patterns, prints and colors this week but I couldn't help but share some more of these fabulous dresses with you all.....

Lovin' everything about this Maxi from the style to the color and the print...muah!

Even the jumpsuits are now in print and pattern, check them out.

A couple of little extra eye candy for you...

the new fringe vest.....SO WANT.

Don't forget that VS now offers active wear.

Because it is summer time here, thought I would share thise cover up that I am now in love on my wish list!

May all you lovelies have a BLESSED weekend!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wear them for ME!

So it is summer time down here in Panama, which always feels that way to me being that I grew up in Colorado, but that means that it is the dry season here, and even more hot! Which means that while many of you in those cooler climates are wearing some beautiful boots...I am not! I have to say that I really do miss wearing a lovely pair of boots, and while many do wear boots here, more during the rainy season, it is still hot here year round. Being that I grew up in a cooler climate, one with definite seasons too, it seems so different to me to be wearing boots when it is so hot out. So to those of you whom may be tiring of wearing those boots of yours, know that I am wanting to wear some myself and please wear them for me! I know many of you are ready to switch it up though, I do remember that, so here are some ideas to help you switch it up and push through until you can bust out those open toed heels!

Some different ideas as the weather starts warming up for you, and if you are over the jeans with the boots. Gives you a little more of a Spring feel.

Though these Thomas Wylde Boots are no longer available there are many other brands that still offer these fold overs, which I LOVE. They are probably on discount now that Spring/Summer wear are all moving in.

Check those bad boys out. Always fun to wear something different.

OK, I could wear something like this here, but I am telling is HOT here for boots. Unless you're in AC most of the day...which I am not! Love that style of boot though. These would be cute to start wearing with skirts too and transition into Spring wear as the weather warms up.
photos found here:
Weekend is coming, God willing!
*Remember to hold on to those ideas you have and believe in them...the mind and the belief are so powerful!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color, Print and Ruffles....Oh My!

With all of the spring collections making head way and as many of you have already posted, colors and prints are all in full view of our pretty little eyes. Ruffles have also graced us again as they flowed right through fall and are still going strong with some of the spring looks. Here is some more eye candy for you all and, as always, some looks to get those ideas going for all of you style lovers.
photo above: Louis Vuitton collection 2010 found via- life through my lens

Collection from express

Totally cute with a belt too.

I am so glad that the Maxi has stayed around for the Spring collections again.

Some definite must haves for me from bcbg

Like both of these, though probably would end up with the pink one myself.

Can never go wrong with a solid white and simple pattern, like the lining on this one...always fun to play your make up,up too with this fresh look.

Love sun dresses.

Some fun, easy going, stylish little pieces courtesy of forever21

Love the color and flower print combo with this one!

How nice for the hot weather ( which we are having down here, won't complain though;) ...comortable yet still looking cute!

Again, diggin' the Maxi.

From Banana Republic via:bananarepublic

I think I would ditch the black and go for a nude leg (gotta start showing off my tan I am slowly getting from the pool time with my little sweeties;) with a great pair of heels to show off my pretty toes.

The RL collection found here: ralphlauren

Want to have this in my closet like yesterday already!

I like the bright colors on this simple style.

I have to say that I have not always been one to really wear too much color, and especially not much of a print or pattern. However, after living here in Latin America they have grown on me seeing as how brighter colors and prints all alike are definitely embraced more here! I have seen some beautiful colors worn on some beautiful women and I can say that my closet is definitely more colorful than than it use to be because of my location on the map!
May all of you that are a little reserved with the loud colors at least try something that may be a little on the edge for you. Find a color that really brings out your skin tone and try it out for a change. I have a feeling that it might be a snowball effect for your change of wardrobe this spring!