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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color, Print and Ruffles....Oh My!

With all of the spring collections making head way and as many of you have already posted, colors and prints are all in full view of our pretty little eyes. Ruffles have also graced us again as they flowed right through fall and are still going strong with some of the spring looks. Here is some more eye candy for you all and, as always, some looks to get those ideas going for all of you style lovers.
photo above: Louis Vuitton collection 2010 found via- life through my lens

Collection from express

Totally cute with a belt too.

I am so glad that the Maxi has stayed around for the Spring collections again.

Some definite must haves for me from bcbg

Like both of these, though probably would end up with the pink one myself.

Can never go wrong with a solid white and simple pattern, like the lining on this one...always fun to play your make up,up too with this fresh look.

Love sun dresses.

Some fun, easy going, stylish little pieces courtesy of forever21

Love the color and flower print combo with this one!

How nice for the hot weather ( which we are having down here, won't complain though;) ...comortable yet still looking cute!

Again, diggin' the Maxi.

From Banana Republic via:bananarepublic

I think I would ditch the black and go for a nude leg (gotta start showing off my tan I am slowly getting from the pool time with my little sweeties;) with a great pair of heels to show off my pretty toes.

The RL collection found here: ralphlauren

Want to have this in my closet like yesterday already!

I like the bright colors on this simple style.

I have to say that I have not always been one to really wear too much color, and especially not much of a print or pattern. However, after living here in Latin America they have grown on me seeing as how brighter colors and prints all alike are definitely embraced more here! I have seen some beautiful colors worn on some beautiful women and I can say that my closet is definitely more colorful than than it use to be because of my location on the map!
May all of you that are a little reserved with the loud colors at least try something that may be a little on the edge for you. Find a color that really brings out your skin tone and try it out for a change. I have a feeling that it might be a snowball effect for your change of wardrobe this spring!



  1. Oh, I love wearing bright colors! Actually, tomorrow I'm going to be posting about the Brazilian Summer 2010 Collection, so you are going to see lots of bright colors and prints. Make sure to stop by and check it out! Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Brilliant colours, elegance and grace. You my dear have a brilliant eye for what's joyous about fashion.
    Also, the hair in the first photo made me laugh for it is what my hair looks like when it rains.
    Warm regard,