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Monday, January 18, 2010

Confidence is Sexy.

As many of you have read, in several of my posts, I am constantly writing about how important it is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. There are many flaws, imperfections, a couple extra inches here and there or lack there of, etc. that each of us tend to pick apart on ourselves, but when it comes down to style and how you feel, Confidence in how you look will show more style, and sexiness (effortlessly) than what you are actually wearing will. Of course having a fab pair of heels with a slammin' outfit is part of your style, but I have seen many women out there who have a rockin' outfit on yet don't look comfortable with themselves in it, and it takes so much away from their whole ensemble. The opposite of that is true too. I have seen some women with some 'different' attire ( according to my taste) yet they are confident in how they look, they feel like they are rockin' it and you can't help but notice them. And of course there are those that are wearing some things that they really should not be wearing and feel confident in that, and that is just simply denial when in the mirror! Part of being confident is really knowing what looks good on you, what flatters you, and what just doesn't look good on you (no matter how "in " it is). When you are aligned with knowing what to wear, and how to wear it, your confidence naturally goes up because your belief in knowing you really do look good is there. Part of that is also learning to embrace the good qualities about yourself, play those up and know that everyone has flaws and certain things about themselves that they don't like. That's just a fact of life. It is interesting too, that in almost every article we read in our Glamours, Cosmos, Vogues and so on, we hear that men are always attracted to a confident women...they just are. Confidence is sexy! Women notice confident women too...we all know we do;)
I hope I can help to inspire many of you readers in stepping out with confidence in how you look and feel about yourself. It doesn't mean looking perfect, but it does mean really deciding to go with what looks best on YOU, what doesn't (oh well, there is never enough for us to get a hold of in the world of fashion...hence go with a different look) and dressing for yourself. If it's a little different but looks amazing on you then wear it. If you truly know something looks good on you, then go with it...the attitude you will have will make it look even better too. Don't always assume sexy is just by what you are wearing. In fact sometimes we try to wear something to look sexy and it just doesn't look that way at all, due to it might not really being the best look on us, not feeling very comfortable in it, or perhaps feeling to old for it. Perhaps the best advice I can give is this (which was given to me by a beautiful, graceful, and confident women herself): Sexiness only lasts for so long, but having confidence in yourself, and who you are, lasts forever if you want it to...and that is sexy!

Here are some women I have posted that always seem to have a sense of confidence with who they are, which is a big reason for their success....and I am sure many of them have certain flaws they dislike, though we would never know it!

some photos courtsey of: killervirgo/backseatcuddler/elsaelsa/u93

A great article you can read for "10 habits of Confident Women" is here: redbookmag

this week Lovelies!!! I dare you all to do at least one thing for yourself that will boost your self confidence.


  1. LOVE Iman and she always exudes confidence!

  2. Great Post, Amanda! That's SO true! It feels SO GOOD when you are confident and comfortable in your own skin! Thank you for encouraging all of us!!! Have a Blessed Evening!!!

  3. Yes! Iman is so beautiful and her confident self composer always that!

  4. So true, darling! Fabulous post and pics!


  5. You are very right. And I think being sexy has so much to do with confidence, though unfortunately so many seem to think flashing skin is what it's all about. An interesting selection of women you chose. I so agree about Iman and think all these women have had to gain confidence to succeed in their careers. I do think however that they have a public persona which is very different from their personal one (i.e. Beyonce is known to be very shy and somewhat insecure on a personal level which is why she created Sasha Fierce for the stage).

  6. Great post! The key to feeling and looking fabulous is indeed confidence. =)