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Friday, February 17, 2012

From Moving on Up to Moving on.

So, I know it's literally been about a year now since my last entry and I sincerely apologize to my readers. I lost my mojo for my blog once we were with out internet for 2 months, after moving to a more remote location in here in Panama. I am LOVING it over here, by the way. We are just over the Bridge of the America's so we are right there to get into the city. It is such a more calm and beautiful area. Anyway, here are just a few reasons that I got side tracked, lost some momentum and negelected my blog this last year:

*Had to wait for the cable service to show up to install internet....two weeks ended up being two months. (not uncommon out here at all either)

* Both of my kids started school..Kindergarden and Pre-K 3...sniff, sniff.

* I was running a small baking business out of my home, and went from baking two days a week to all 5 days (in the work week).

* My brother and his partner came to visit us....soooo fun!

* Got a severe case of food posioning...yuck.

* Found out I was pregnant with our 3rd hijo...praise the Lord...due in three weeks!
*Went on a vacation home to Colorado for 6 weeks.
* Holiday season sets in and well, we all know how that goes.
There are some more "life's happpenings" in there but had to at least name a few of them to redeem myself.
I am finally ready to get back in to blogging (kind of funny that I choose now, when I am due with my 3rd in few weeks) however, I have started a new blog COFFE, MILK & BROWNSUGAR and will no longer be posting on Thirty Something Style. While I still love my fashion and style, my writing and sharing is going in a different direction. While being here in Panama I can not tell you all how many natural remedies I have come across for the healing and wellness of your body. I have learned to use LOTS of things around the house in order to do my daily excersise (don't belong to a gym, and left so many of my things I used back in Colordao) and I have learned to make a happy situation in your home when in a major transition (not easy at all, but doable...with the Lord's help of course;). I want to share, help, encourage and inspire others through my continual findings and enlightments with "life's happenings".
So, you can now check me out at my new location. Just some of my postings will include remedies that you can use to get well, to take care of you body, for your skin care, to cure sore throats, to aid with cuts, along with workout methods you can do right in your own home (btw, I lost all my weight with my first two pregnancies & intend to do the same with this one). Also there is so much to know about foods to eat for health, weight loss and even to keep your moods up. I will even do some style posts here and there, because as I believe, "when you look good, you feel good"! I believe this new direction in blogging will be much more up my ally so I am making the switch....hopefully you do too, and check up on me there.
Cuidate, bendicones y hasta en el otro pagina!