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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's your choice.

With another new year coming, it's only to safe to bet that most of us are also coming back around to those resolutions for this year of 2010. It is also probably safe to say that many of those resolutions are those that deal directly with our bodies. Whether it is to quit smoking, put the bottle down, or get back into that work out routine, many of us have improvements that we want to make with our bodies. As many of you readers have seen, I am an avid believer of taking care of yourself, because I truly believe that looking good and so much of your 'style' comes from how you feel. Confidence in one's self truly does wonders for how you carry yourself and look overall. When we take care of our bodies it is like a domino effect through out our being. Our minds, thoughts, feelings and so on begin to change as well. For example: Once you start working out, faithfully, 3 or more times a week, you naturally start eating a little bit better, which means you start to have more energy, which means you're mood through out the day will be more uplifting, and you start to feel better in your clothes and how you look, which means you might also take some extra time with the hair and make up, again your feelings and your mind are becoming more positive, because you are feeling good! I am not saying in order to feel good go workout and strive to be a size 2. Definitely not. I am not a believer in sizes, or weight. To me it's all about the fit and the flattery of your shape, so the size is out the window as far as I am concerned. However, we only have these one bodies. There are no renewals, or warranties that come with us, not to mention the good Lord gave us these bodies as his temple to take care of, so it really is up to us to take care of ourselves. I am writing this not only because I believe in the importance of taking care of yourself, but also because I have read twice this week now about the significance of exercise and the affects it has on our bodies.

Did you know? Working out 80-90 minutes a week (broken up- 4 days of 20 mins. cardio and weights, or 3 days of 30 mins.) has an outstanding affect on the fat that your body holds around it's organs, not the fat under our layer of skin, but around our hearts, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. Exercising will not only help to rid your body of those dangerous fats, but also help to ensure they don't return...being that you make it part of your lifestyle. For a full article on this click here: health

* Eating well also contributes a whole lot to our health, and believe it or not what we eat does affect our mood as well, see Good Mood Food.

Truly more than anything, I hope to inspire and encourage all of you to take a hold of your health and take care of those bodies that we have all been so blessed to be given. While none of us know what tomorrow holds, that's why we should not boast about tomorrow, we can still live for today and take care of ourselves. I can almost guarantee you that once you start living more balanced with exercise, eating and rest too, you will be feeling fabulous...and, therefor, looking fabulous....I really believe that it all ties in together!

Happy New Years Lovelies!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Short, Simple....Perfect.

So saw this here: A CUP OF JO and couldn't help but share something that my big browns were drawn to. This was originally posted as a dinner party outfit possibility, but I have to say that I would love to have this fabulous shirt dress as an every day outfit myself. It's definitely a great style, a little relaxed and looks comfortable....yet still dressy enough to wear to a dinner party etc., if that is where your evening is taking you!

Hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas! If you're feeling down from all of that delicious food you ate, don't! It's the Holidays and it happens to all of least I hope so;) I am going to be posting some great ways to help get back on track. After all, part of looking good is feeling good about yourself. Until then, don't beat yourself up!

Another short work week...enjoy!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I know it is a couple of days early but with my hubby being home now, I will not be on the computer as much. I wanted to get my Christmas wishes in before it is too late. Today I have posted an outfit similar to what I will be sportin' for some of the festivities this week. I am going with a more casual, relaxed yet, of course, chic look. This selection will allow me in enjoying all of that yummy food we all know will be there! Take a peek and let me know what you think!

What I will be wearing to Christmas Dinner
What I will be wearing to Christmas Dinner by amanda correa featuring Mulberry bags

I went with a wider leg trouser, also higher waist, just in case I eat one too many of our delicious Holiday bars! Also, not so sure it is wise to wear a lower waist jean with all the bending over and grabbing of presents...yikes!! The longer shirt and bomber jacket allow me a little camouflage if my poor tummy just can't take it any more from all of my 'taste testing';)

*Extra food for thought (since we are going to be around a lot of food anyway!): You could always wear some leggin's with a pair of over -the- knee boots with this that look. You could wear some red heels instead of the black I picked, skinny jeans look just as great (totally all about preference) or you could change the top out for a boyfriend sweater, wear a great turtle neck under the jacket, go with a dressier top etc.

I am sure you all will look faBUlous these Holidays...hope you feel fab too! No matter how you look, because really (though I am a lover of some style) that's not what it is about, I truly wish you a very blessed Christmas!!

Feliz Navidad!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

If I must go Christmas Shopping then I must wear this....

I wouldn't mind starting the week out in any of these outfits, especially if I were going shopping,
perhaps! Of course to buy for other people though;) Do any of you find though, that when you are shopping for others it always seems like you stumble upon so many things you would love to buy for yourself? Tis the the Season!
I can see why Beyonce was voted as People Magazine's 'best street chic' of 09.

Would take either/both pairs of these jeans Cameron is wearing....that is why she was voted 'best denim' by People as well.

I happen to love the thigh-highs, and apparently so does Miss Hudson. I have seen her sportin' them quite a bit this season.

I also happen to like the more 'preppy' look as well...clean, classy, and put together.

It's always fun to switch your look up.

These boots are exactly what I was talking about...they are just thing that would jump out at me (screaming for me to try them on...we all know what happens after that) while I am trying to Christmas shop for SOMEONE ELSE!

4 days to go!!! Hope all you lovelies are enjoying this Christmas Season, and are enjoying being out and about in all the crowds! I actually do....guess it just comes with Christmas.

On another note, I wanted to just post how sorry I am for the family of Brittany Murphy. My prayers are with those she left behind here. It's sad that it always takes hearing about the loss of someone, or experiencing it in our own lives, to remember how precious and valuable each day that we are given is. Truly try to cherish those around you, as well as yourself!

Happy Holidays to you all and as always..... Blessings!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picks of the week.

My pics for this week, are short and sweet. I have posted some pant/leggins outfits to, hopefully, provide you with some re-enforcement that you can look just as hot in some smokin' pants or leggins when paired with just the right top! If you feel more comfortable and as though your figure might look more flattered when wearing some dress pants, then go with that green light. It seems that most of the lovelies I have seen thus far have been in to the all black look when daring to wear some dress pants, or leggins'. If you wish to add some color, remember that you can add that in with your jewelry, hair accessories, and especially make up....have fun with that eye shadow, sport those red lips, or switch up that eye liner!

Lovin' this outfit Rhianna is wearing above.

What a sleek look.

I think the heels some how tie this all in for Anne.

This seriously looks so soft on your skin!

If this is a little much for you, I happen to love it, you can always replace the boots with a great pair of heels, or go with a sleeker more fitted, less going on style of boot.... if preferred.

If any of you have some rockin' Holiday outfits that you are pretty proud of, send me some pics (via my e-mail posted on the side bar) I would love to post them and show off some of my fashionista readers!

Have blessed weekend! Take time to really breath, let the one you love really know it, take a minute to really appreciate your good health, let those things that can cause you some irritation go and enjoy the life you have been given!
Hasta el lunes!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dare to be Bold?

With getting all dolled up for all of these special occasions, that the Holidays and New Years bring, we not only put on something extra pretty but we tend to spend some extra time with our pretty little faces too. This is a great time to go for that bolder look that you may always want to do, yet steer away in fear of looking too 'over done'. Well, why not try it now, to go with that fabulous dress, jumpsuit, or rockin' pant suit you will be wearin' and a stylin' in ? Here are some looks to give you some inspiration and a little extra push, perhaps, in daring to be a little bit bolder with your make up these Holidays!

Love Cameron's hi-lited cheekbones.

A little softer look, yet still on the bolder side.

I have always been a fan of Jennifer's smokey eye look.

Here's a quick self help 'how to' with a smoky eye look...there are more you can view...lips, cheeks,etc. too.

If you're not a fan of the bolder make up style, yet want to add a little more to your look, accessorize your hair. These lovelies did and all look fab! All images below found @ essence

Great for short hair when you want to dress the hair up.

I love that Kelly went for something different and is trying to bring back a style.
You can find a style of this look, beautifully designed, here: RACHEL STEWART

Not only love the clip, but Tyra has a nice make up app. herself.

These are just to give you a couple of ideas, when looking for that perfect hair piece!

Whether you do go BOLD or play it safe, just remember to go loving how you look, and with what you feel confident in. The confidence you hold in how you look will, by far, have you looking more beautiful than any extra eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush or bronzer will...though, those don't hurt to try either;)


Monday, December 14, 2009

Women aren't the only ones who like to get all decked out for the Holidays.

I thought I would start this week's posts out with some love for our beloved men who like to sport some extra style with their attire during this season. Does your man have a good sense of style? I am very proud to say that my honey definitely has a great fashion sense and has no problem dressin' up to the 9's. I know that as women we usually take some extra pride and time (pressure too) in how we look, especially for special events, but let us not forget that there are plenty of men who take just as much pride in their style. Here are some pics of some smooth looks for your man. If your beloved needs a little extra TLC in this department, hopefully you can draw some inspiration from some of these looks and pass it along to him!

David can definitely clean up well, not that it takes much, when changing from the uniform to a suit.

A white coat is always nice for something different from the classic black suit.

Mario, George (one of his signature looks) and Terrence show how classy one can still look with out a this look myself.

If your sugar is not into dressing up this is the perfect look, and again can go with out the tie. A classic black suit is worth the investment because it really does look nice on just about any guy and can be worn for any occasion. Then he can hang it right back up until the next time.

These two show us the nice grey suit with some color to it, and I am diggin' Hugh's polk-a-dot tie!

Neo always looks nice in his hats to add to his style...I have to admit that my hubby looks great in this style himself!

That is seriously just a nice suit, plus I had to post Ryan Reynolds for the girls with Krummer. They have given me a couple of good laughs in some of their posts about him!

So....couldn't help myself. Saw some short flirty dresses that I thought I would also post.

I am a fan of this style that Natalie is wearing.

Love this dress as well.

One shoulders are definitely still in this season.

Liking the trim on this one.

Enjoy the Hustle and Bustle of the Season!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things that can bring you the BIGGEST Joy!

OK, so I couldn't help myself! I have seen so many of all of your beautiful Christmas trees and I decided (today after we, me and the little ones, put it up) to post a picture of little one that is!!! We have just moved into in apartment out here, until we have our house, and it is pretty cozy in here....not a ton of space. I didn't want to put a big tree up and take up the space. Though this is quite small, the smallest I can say I have ever decorated, I can honestly say that I love it though. It brought my Holiday mood up even more. Feels even more like Christmas to me now!!

My daughter did a great job with the ornaments though, seriously didn't have to move many and won't. I'll be good and leave them where she put them! Even happened to have a little angel handy too:)

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend....take in on some of life's little pleasures!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Christmas Cheer From Me To You.

So this post goes along with yesterday's. Christmas music always gets me in the mood for the Holidays and I thought I would share a couple that I have been listening to lately...a couple of my favorites. How could you really pick a fave though? Too many good tunes out there! The first one is one that my kids and I have been dancing to A LOT, and the second is just so beautiful to me. It makes me just look around and appreciate all that I have, and appreciate the Christmas season in general!

More than half way through the week....2 weeks until Christmas...close enough anyway!

Y'all have your shopping done? Not so much for us, but that's OK...we work well under pressure;)

Hasta El Viernes!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Overcoming the Holiday blues?

With Christmas under way and Thanksgiving past, this season of cheer, for most of us, can sometimes be a struggle for others. If you are one of those with the Holiday blues then I hope I can help to give you some encouragement in finding that joy that comes with the season...hopefully into and through out this new year a comin' too. First of all, I want to convey my sincere heartfelt condolences for any of you readers that may be coping with any type of loss in your life right now. The loss of a loved one, a could have been loved one, or any other circumstance that has created a loss to you, can be so difficult to deal with and come to terms with. For others it may simply be not being around your family during the holidays, maybe not enough in the bank to have the sort of Christmas you hoped for, or maybe a certain someone has let you down. Whatever it is that has you feeling like shutting off that Christmas music rather that singing along can take so much away from enjoying a time of love, gathering, laughing, appreciating, and hoping. Some things to help with this ( I really hope they can anyway) are for one, take the time to grieve for whatever it is that has you feeling down. Be sad, angry, irritated, frustrated, annoyed...get it out. But then, know that it is time to focus on moving forward. The infamous saying "it is not what happens to us that is nearly as important as how we respond" holds so much power in that statement. I have learned (not easily) that no matter what, life here on earth moves on. The sun and moon continue to rise and set daily, seasons come and pass swiftly, and here we are at yet another end of another year gone by. None of us know when we will each take our last breath, so truly try to focus on the positive, be thankful for those that you do have, the health that you have, the health that your kids have, the house you have, another year that you were here for. I am not saying just "get over it" by any means, but I am saying that life is precious and it is really important to relish in the beauty of it. I was once told "remember that whatever you are going through, know that there are many more that are going through far worse...though it might not seem imaginable, it's true". Schedule some girl time and go have a good laugh with your sisters. That is an instant pick me up! I can't tell you how thankful I am for my sister and my best girlfriends. Give some extra cuddle time to your honey and embrace the love you guys share, pick up the phone and call that person you know you can confide in and let it all out. Visualize yourself in a happy state, truly believe it and see it, and then let it manifest. Do something for yourself that makes you feel GOOD! Perhaps the best advice I can give would be to simply give it God.

I thought I would share some things that work to help me feel like this during the Holidays....

Eating balanced..what you eat can have an effect on your mood.

Exercising, GREAT stress reliever!

Girl time, though it is over the phone for me now after moving away.

Daily chats with my mom and my sister

Praise, worship and TIME with the big guy above.

Dancing around to Christmas music, lots of kid music too, with my two little love bugs...such Blessings!

Laughing with The Love Of My Life!

Each day we learn from yesterday of God’s great love and care; And every burden we must face He’ll surely help us bear. —D. De Haan

By the way, great Christmas movie to watch is Love Actually....LOVE it;)


Amanda C.