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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jump In To This Holiday Season Perhaps?

With all of the hustle and bustle of the Holidays it can sometimes feel as though there is just not enough time in our busy schedules to really be able to go and look for that perfect Holiday attire. Hopefully I am giving you a little extra help in figuring out what you are going to be wearing for some of your special occasions this season. As you have seen, I already posted some dress ideas and if a dress is not up your preferred style lane, then may I recommend a fabulous jumpsuit. I found these more "dressy" jumpsuits (found @ victoriassecret ) and I for one, am actually liking them...what you think?

Not so much the jumpsuit or even a dress for you? Here are some great pant outfits that look just as dressy as most dresses and look very stylish. All of these styles offer some great pant and top combos to get those wheels turnin' for you in creating your "perfect" Holiday outfit! All images below found here: lanebryant

Whether you go over the top with an evening gown, try a hot jumpsuit, or choose a great pair of dress pants with a rockin' top, wear something that you feel comfortable with yourself in. The key is to 'love how you look' and what you're wearing...not what someone else might be wearing. Step out of the house and in to that Holiday party feeling confident with how you look, and you will be sure to look amazing!



  1. thanks for your visit! I love all the jumpsuits you picked too. They're such a stylish alternative to a cocktail dress. You should check out from stylist/designer Blaine Ashley. she's actually offering 20% off to A Haute Mess readers with a promo code (info on my blog). Her jumpsuits are AMAZING, I'm definitely ordering one.

    xo Niki

  2. I am diggin' the j-suits this season too!

  3. That strapless one looks like one Padma rocked recently. LOVE!