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Monday, December 14, 2009

Women aren't the only ones who like to get all decked out for the Holidays.

I thought I would start this week's posts out with some love for our beloved men who like to sport some extra style with their attire during this season. Does your man have a good sense of style? I am very proud to say that my honey definitely has a great fashion sense and has no problem dressin' up to the 9's. I know that as women we usually take some extra pride and time (pressure too) in how we look, especially for special events, but let us not forget that there are plenty of men who take just as much pride in their style. Here are some pics of some smooth looks for your man. If your beloved needs a little extra TLC in this department, hopefully you can draw some inspiration from some of these looks and pass it along to him!

David can definitely clean up well, not that it takes much, when changing from the uniform to a suit.

A white coat is always nice for something different from the classic black suit.

Mario, George (one of his signature looks) and Terrence show how classy one can still look with out a this look myself.

If your sugar is not into dressing up this is the perfect look, and again can go with out the tie. A classic black suit is worth the investment because it really does look nice on just about any guy and can be worn for any occasion. Then he can hang it right back up until the next time.

These two show us the nice grey suit with some color to it, and I am diggin' Hugh's polk-a-dot tie!

Neo always looks nice in his hats to add to his style...I have to admit that my hubby looks great in this style himself!

That is seriously just a nice suit, plus I had to post Ryan Reynolds for the girls with Krummer. They have given me a couple of good laughs in some of their posts about him!

So....couldn't help myself. Saw some short flirty dresses that I thought I would also post.

I am a fan of this style that Natalie is wearing.

Love this dress as well.

One shoulders are definitely still in this season.

Liking the trim on this one.

Enjoy the Hustle and Bustle of the Season!



  1. Thankfully my guy can dress up quite well, though he usually prefers wearing more casual clothes to work. Clooney looks impeccable as does Ryan Reynolds... nice suit indeed! And I love your selection of female celebrities... Nathalie Portman is my favorite.

    We did get a small tree by the way. We didn't see a point getting a big one either, because we won't be here over the Christmas period and thought it would be a waste otherwise. It definitely helps to get a real tree in (no matter how big) just to get into the festive spirit. I love yours!

  2. I have to say that I love Natalie Portman as well. She is a true beauty!

    Thanks for the nice comment about our tree! I love it too, just feels more like Christmas around here, no matter the size of the tree. I love having the tree on at night and just enoying the light that is casts in the room...tis the season!