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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Christmas Cheer From Me To You.

So this post goes along with yesterday's. Christmas music always gets me in the mood for the Holidays and I thought I would share a couple that I have been listening to lately...a couple of my favorites. How could you really pick a fave though? Too many good tunes out there! The first one is one that my kids and I have been dancing to A LOT, and the second is just so beautiful to me. It makes me just look around and appreciate all that I have, and appreciate the Christmas season in general!

More than half way through the week....2 weeks until Christmas...close enough anyway!

Y'all have your shopping done? Not so much for us, but that's OK...we work well under pressure;)

Hasta El Viernes!!!


  1. I have NO Christmas shopping done yet... and strangely I'm not freaked out yet, but then again, that's how I do it every year ;-) I do love the festive season though... Christmas carols always put me in the mood!

  2. That Mariah Carey song always puts me in the Christmas spirit. I looooove Love Actually!

  3. Huate Shopper, I never really gert freaked out, I was serious when I said we work well under pressure! I am really feeling all the Christmas carols this week!

    Kristin, I love that movie too!! And I can't tell how much I love that song...I can't help but dance, my little ones too!