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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Overcoming the Holiday blues?

With Christmas under way and Thanksgiving past, this season of cheer, for most of us, can sometimes be a struggle for others. If you are one of those with the Holiday blues then I hope I can help to give you some encouragement in finding that joy that comes with the season...hopefully into and through out this new year a comin' too. First of all, I want to convey my sincere heartfelt condolences for any of you readers that may be coping with any type of loss in your life right now. The loss of a loved one, a could have been loved one, or any other circumstance that has created a loss to you, can be so difficult to deal with and come to terms with. For others it may simply be not being around your family during the holidays, maybe not enough in the bank to have the sort of Christmas you hoped for, or maybe a certain someone has let you down. Whatever it is that has you feeling like shutting off that Christmas music rather that singing along can take so much away from enjoying a time of love, gathering, laughing, appreciating, and hoping. Some things to help with this ( I really hope they can anyway) are for one, take the time to grieve for whatever it is that has you feeling down. Be sad, angry, irritated, frustrated, annoyed...get it out. But then, know that it is time to focus on moving forward. The infamous saying "it is not what happens to us that is nearly as important as how we respond" holds so much power in that statement. I have learned (not easily) that no matter what, life here on earth moves on. The sun and moon continue to rise and set daily, seasons come and pass swiftly, and here we are at yet another end of another year gone by. None of us know when we will each take our last breath, so truly try to focus on the positive, be thankful for those that you do have, the health that you have, the health that your kids have, the house you have, another year that you were here for. I am not saying just "get over it" by any means, but I am saying that life is precious and it is really important to relish in the beauty of it. I was once told "remember that whatever you are going through, know that there are many more that are going through far worse...though it might not seem imaginable, it's true". Schedule some girl time and go have a good laugh with your sisters. That is an instant pick me up! I can't tell you how thankful I am for my sister and my best girlfriends. Give some extra cuddle time to your honey and embrace the love you guys share, pick up the phone and call that person you know you can confide in and let it all out. Visualize yourself in a happy state, truly believe it and see it, and then let it manifest. Do something for yourself that makes you feel GOOD! Perhaps the best advice I can give would be to simply give it God.

I thought I would share some things that work to help me feel like this during the Holidays....

Eating balanced..what you eat can have an effect on your mood.

Exercising, GREAT stress reliever!

Girl time, though it is over the phone for me now after moving away.

Daily chats with my mom and my sister

Praise, worship and TIME with the big guy above.

Dancing around to Christmas music, lots of kid music too, with my two little love bugs...such Blessings!

Laughing with The Love Of My Life!

Each day we learn from yesterday of God’s great love and care; And every burden we must face He’ll surely help us bear. —D. De Haan

By the way, great Christmas movie to watch is Love Actually....LOVE it;)


Amanda C.


  1. So calming and a great reminder. I needed that. :) Love you and miss you more than you know! XXOO

  2. I miss you too...thank God for Skype!!

  3. Beautifully put. It's clear you have a heart for others. I must agree with you about "Love Actually" and add "The Holiday" to the list.