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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things that can bring you the BIGGEST Joy!

OK, so I couldn't help myself! I have seen so many of all of your beautiful Christmas trees and I decided (today after we, me and the little ones, put it up) to post a picture of little one that is!!! We have just moved into in apartment out here, until we have our house, and it is pretty cozy in here....not a ton of space. I didn't want to put a big tree up and take up the space. Though this is quite small, the smallest I can say I have ever decorated, I can honestly say that I love it though. It brought my Holiday mood up even more. Feels even more like Christmas to me now!!

My daughter did a great job with the ornaments though, seriously didn't have to move many and won't. I'll be good and leave them where she put them! Even happened to have a little angel handy too:)

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend....take in on some of life's little pleasures!



  1. Looks great! We did small trees like that for a few years and its just as cozy!

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  3. How lovely and festive, darling!


  4. Thanks all! It is pretty cozy, and just perfect...for right now;)

  5. Mandy, I loved this and the previous post. Its so hard being away from family this time of year, but its great to be reminded of all we are blessed with too. I wish you and your ADORABLE little family a WARM holiday season!! love, Tiff