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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's your choice.

With another new year coming, it's only to safe to bet that most of us are also coming back around to those resolutions for this year of 2010. It is also probably safe to say that many of those resolutions are those that deal directly with our bodies. Whether it is to quit smoking, put the bottle down, or get back into that work out routine, many of us have improvements that we want to make with our bodies. As many of you readers have seen, I am an avid believer of taking care of yourself, because I truly believe that looking good and so much of your 'style' comes from how you feel. Confidence in one's self truly does wonders for how you carry yourself and look overall. When we take care of our bodies it is like a domino effect through out our being. Our minds, thoughts, feelings and so on begin to change as well. For example: Once you start working out, faithfully, 3 or more times a week, you naturally start eating a little bit better, which means you start to have more energy, which means you're mood through out the day will be more uplifting, and you start to feel better in your clothes and how you look, which means you might also take some extra time with the hair and make up, again your feelings and your mind are becoming more positive, because you are feeling good! I am not saying in order to feel good go workout and strive to be a size 2. Definitely not. I am not a believer in sizes, or weight. To me it's all about the fit and the flattery of your shape, so the size is out the window as far as I am concerned. However, we only have these one bodies. There are no renewals, or warranties that come with us, not to mention the good Lord gave us these bodies as his temple to take care of, so it really is up to us to take care of ourselves. I am writing this not only because I believe in the importance of taking care of yourself, but also because I have read twice this week now about the significance of exercise and the affects it has on our bodies.

Did you know? Working out 80-90 minutes a week (broken up- 4 days of 20 mins. cardio and weights, or 3 days of 30 mins.) has an outstanding affect on the fat that your body holds around it's organs, not the fat under our layer of skin, but around our hearts, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. Exercising will not only help to rid your body of those dangerous fats, but also help to ensure they don't return...being that you make it part of your lifestyle. For a full article on this click here: health

* Eating well also contributes a whole lot to our health, and believe it or not what we eat does affect our mood as well, see Good Mood Food.

Truly more than anything, I hope to inspire and encourage all of you to take a hold of your health and take care of those bodies that we have all been so blessed to be given. While none of us know what tomorrow holds, that's why we should not boast about tomorrow, we can still live for today and take care of ourselves. I can almost guarantee you that once you start living more balanced with exercise, eating and rest too, you will be feeling fabulous...and, therefor, looking fabulous....I really believe that it all ties in together!

Happy New Years Lovelies!



  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I will continue down the road of good health in 2010...but it's sooo Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the advice! Great post ;D
    Happy new year and take care!!


  3. thanks for this info
    soo true and much needed
    yea, im def. getting back into my gym regime for the new year!

  4. What an awesome post Amanda! I couldn't agree more! Have a Blessed Day!

  5. YES! Love this! Happy New Year my dear!

  6. There is genius and true to your logic. I know I feel strong and happier when I'm eating well, getting proper sleep and excercising. Every happiness to you and yours in the new year.
    Warm regards,