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Monday, December 21, 2009

If I must go Christmas Shopping then I must wear this....

I wouldn't mind starting the week out in any of these outfits, especially if I were going shopping,
perhaps! Of course to buy for other people though;) Do any of you find though, that when you are shopping for others it always seems like you stumble upon so many things you would love to buy for yourself? Tis the the Season!
I can see why Beyonce was voted as People Magazine's 'best street chic' of 09.

Would take either/both pairs of these jeans Cameron is wearing....that is why she was voted 'best denim' by People as well.

I happen to love the thigh-highs, and apparently so does Miss Hudson. I have seen her sportin' them quite a bit this season.

I also happen to like the more 'preppy' look as well...clean, classy, and put together.

It's always fun to switch your look up.

These boots are exactly what I was talking about...they are just thing that would jump out at me (screaming for me to try them on...we all know what happens after that) while I am trying to Christmas shop for SOMEONE ELSE!

4 days to go!!! Hope all you lovelies are enjoying this Christmas Season, and are enjoying being out and about in all the crowds! I actually do....guess it just comes with Christmas.

On another note, I wanted to just post how sorry I am for the family of Brittany Murphy. My prayers are with those she left behind here. It's sad that it always takes hearing about the loss of someone, or experiencing it in our own lives, to remember how precious and valuable each day that we are given is. Truly try to cherish those around you, as well as yourself!

Happy Holidays to you all and as always..... Blessings!!!


  1. Great post, everyone is so beautiful.
    Every happiness to you and yours for the season and in the new year.
    Warmest regards,

  2. Everyone is looking relax chic in their denim!

  3. Chic is right. I love a look that is relaxed yet chic. They all are definitely looking pretty good!

  4. Nice outfit!! Especially the one from Taylor Momsen!!

    Merry Christmas :) Hope you have a nice week!