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Friday, December 18, 2009

Picks of the week.

My pics for this week, are short and sweet. I have posted some pant/leggins outfits to, hopefully, provide you with some re-enforcement that you can look just as hot in some smokin' pants or leggins when paired with just the right top! If you feel more comfortable and as though your figure might look more flattered when wearing some dress pants, then go with that green light. It seems that most of the lovelies I have seen thus far have been in to the all black look when daring to wear some dress pants, or leggins'. If you wish to add some color, remember that you can add that in with your jewelry, hair accessories, and especially make up....have fun with that eye shadow, sport those red lips, or switch up that eye liner!

Lovin' this outfit Rhianna is wearing above.

What a sleek look.

I think the heels some how tie this all in for Anne.

This seriously looks so soft on your skin!

If this is a little much for you, I happen to love it, you can always replace the boots with a great pair of heels, or go with a sleeker more fitted, less going on style of boot.... if preferred.

If any of you have some rockin' Holiday outfits that you are pretty proud of, send me some pics (via my e-mail posted on the side bar) I would love to post them and show off some of my fashionista readers!

Have blessed weekend! Take time to really breath, let the one you love really know it, take a minute to really appreciate your good health, let those things that can cause you some irritation go and enjoy the life you have been given!
Hasta el lunes!!!

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