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Saturday, January 2, 2010


My new year's resolution for 2010, I only have only one but a BIG one....RESPONSIBILITY. I am talking about every aspect of my life. The Responsibility to wake up and exercise (after praying and reading with my husband), Responsibility to spend quality time with my kids, to eat right, to go for those ideas I have about my future, to act on my thoughts,to truly seek the Lord first, to spend time doing things I don't really want to do but know I need to do,to pay a bill before going shopping, to get things fixed right away instead of letting them go, to keep order in my house, to build a great inheritance for my children, to pay some extra attention to my beloved husband etc. I am holding myself accountable to be Responsible in all areas of my life. Our pastor at our church here has also been preaching of this being the year of Responsibility. When I saw the title of Alica Keys new album, The Element OF Freedom, I thought that that is exactly what I will be feeling by taking complete Responsibility for ALL of my actions. Where we are today is usually a direct affect of what we are, and have been, doing in our lives and decisions we have made. When you decide to be Responsible and 'get it done', for lack of better words, I feel that freedom is exactly what you are giving yourself. There are so many goals that I have personally, and that my husband and I have together, and I want to not only reach them , but REACH MY FULL POTENTIAL. We all have a great potential planted with in us, different for each of course, and I am taking the Responsibility upon myself (my husband too) to do all that is necessary in achieving that potential that I have been blessed with by the good Lord above. I believe that Responsibility is a major key in "THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM".

What's Your New Year's resolution?
what ever it may be, I encourage you to take the responsibility in seeing it through....the results will be worth it!;)

Blessings this New Year!!!!


  1. Responsibility is an excellent goal for the new year ~ love this post!

    Happy 2010, darling Amanda!


  2. Wow Amanda, GREAT post!

    Responsibility is my goal for the New Year too! I am also holding myself accountable to be responsible in all areas of my life. Amen! Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Blessings to you both and Happy New Year!

  4. RESPONSIBILITY, wow what a concept huh?

    I love this post.