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Friday, January 29, 2010

Prints, Colors and.....CARGO.

So along with all of the brighter colors and prints we are seeing, and buying, Cargo wear has also made head way into this Springs attire. If I don't say so myself, VS has given me a new found love for Cargo wear and I want to pass that along to all of you. As always I like to post this stuff to give y'all some ideas and get those wheels turning for you as you begin to change out some of your seasonal wardrobe. I love looking through these catalogs because even if I don't buy from them, I always find something to look for on my next shopping trip, or I create a new look for myself from something I have seen. Enjoy! Oh, and for much more browsing:victoriassecret

Love the Utility dresses.

I know I already posted pics of patterns, prints and colors this week but I couldn't help but share some more of these fabulous dresses with you all.....

Lovin' everything about this Maxi from the style to the color and the print...muah!

Even the jumpsuits are now in print and pattern, check them out.

A couple of little extra eye candy for you...

the new fringe vest.....SO WANT.

Don't forget that VS now offers active wear.

Because it is summer time here, thought I would share thise cover up that I am now in love on my wish list!

May all you lovelies have a BLESSED weekend!!!



  1. I agree with you. The cargo look does look sexy in these images. I always think of cargo as "grunge" or "mom" wear...but with heels and a sexy loose top...I think I could pull it off!

  2. OMG Amanda I'm sitting in about a foot of snow and you're showing me these amazing looks that only you can wear right now! Cargo pants, safari jackets and shirt dresses in natural fibers, like cotton and linen, abound. These easy breezy wrap dresses in beautiful tribal or floral prints should be a staple in every fashionista's closet. Looks like women will be comfortable as well as stunning this spring and we all know how rare of a combination that can be.

  3. Love the utility dress! I used to own a pair of cargo pants, but no longer have any when they went out of fashion. Still not sure if I want to revisit that look, because it's so out of place here, but I think for traveling to off-the-track places, they're very useful. And those summer dresses are so perfect for the beach! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Brilliant pieces as always. I love the yellow dress a lot, it made me think of summer.
    A lovely week to you my dear.
    Warm regards,

  5. I agree with all of you! Sorry for rubbing the warm weather in Michael! I actually do miss the winter season though....mainly for the wardrobe;) I used to think of cargo as more "granola" or more "mommish" too, but all of these new looks with the heels, the tops, and the safari jackets have brought more of a liking for it to me. it's nice to know that we can have something that truly is comfortable yet look stylin' at the same time!!