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Monday, February 8, 2010

Love My Pencil Skirts.

So sorry that I have been MIA lately. We have all been battling a nasty cold here at the Correa home and I am finally feeling better, and have some energy (and relief time from my little ones) to at least write a little something of a post.

So, I have to say that I love the this look that LC has on. I love my dresses and skirts and there is nothing better than nice fitting pencil skirt! One paired with a great dainty, printed, floral or even bright top is a definite DO. It is not only classy, but usually pretty comfortable and usually can be figure flattering for many body types (when one is wearing their appropriate size I might add...I have seen some try to squeeze in to one that is just one size too small!). Honestly this look, with any number of tops, usually looks good and when I like to mix a little casual in I have worn a cute pencil skirt with a belt, and a nice fitted girly 'wife beater' tank and some extra jewelry to dress the top up a little....that along with some added color to my lips!

As all of us are fully aware of, floral is everywhere for the Spring wear and as you can see Whitney Port is sporting and pair of floral pattern tights. I like them myself.

I like the micro-floral print on this dress of Pink's. It is not only extra feminine, but it gives it a little bit of a dated feel. I can imagine how one might find similar looks at some great Vintage shops!

OK, so I know that many of you are still not able to really begin wearing open toed heels/sandals, go with out a coat, or bare those lovely legs yet because of that darn cooler weather so thought I would share just a couple of looks that are great for the tail end of Mr. Winter....OK, so almost to the tail end;)
Yes, I am still loving the over the knee boots and why not wear them while you still can. Also, while I love this top, it doesn't have to be such a fitted top to go with the leggings. A looser boyfriend sweater would look good, or adding a bomber jacket, jean jacket, or even a scarf to your top would all look good as well and give some extra coverage if that is what is wanted.

Mary Kate looks so much better to me when looking put together, and I have to say that she looks really good here. Love the belt with the coat.

If the weather is letting up some, then ditching the coat and rocking a nice scarf with a cute sweater is great way to go. Especially for all you/us moms needing a stylish, yet comfortable, and realistic look!!!

Congrats to the Saints....We were pulling for them here and I am so happy that they have their first Super Bowl win under their belt!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a happy Monday!!

(all photos, and many more courtesy of: people)

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  1. Awww...glad your family is feeling better! I agree that pencil skirts can be quite flattering (if you get the right and should be a staple in every women's closet.