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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank You Simone...

for my award!
It's always nice to receive some recognition for your work, and it makes it even more of an honor for me when it comes from such a lovely person. Miss Simone at The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after is a talented, creative, thoughtful, aspiring writer and I encourage you all to check her out. I love to stop by her spot on a regular and read her work. Thank you again Simone for passing this along to me. It is cool to know that someone as creative as yourself thought of me to pass this on to.

As part of accepting this, I am to pass this on to 5 blogs that have newly caught my interest. I hope you all check these 5 lovely blogs out as'll be glad you did;)



Married, Broke and Hungry
Love on the Cheap



Sorry that I couldn't get a couple of the blog headers to post, but their links are up there...and that is the most important part! Check all of these blogs out y'all!

Blessings to all you Lovelies!!!


  1. CONGRATS! You deserve it!

  2. Congrats, however it's no surprise! You have such a great take on fashion, how to wear it, and how to exude a great amount of confidence while doing so! You deserve it, so go celebrate!

    And thank you for passing the award on, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!

  3. Thank you for such nice words Lindsey! I truly enjoy your fabulous sense of fashion as well!!

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out! I am still getting my blogging feet wet. You've got a great eye and I appreciate every post!

    Thanks again!

  5. Amanda, Congratulations on the Award!!! Your Blog is awesome! Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You for passing it on to my blog! Also Thank You for the email! I've been really busy lately, but I will email you back pretty soon!;-) Have a Blessed Day!

  6. All of you have wonderful blogs too!!!