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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need Some Motivation?

Had this waiting for me in my inbox this morning and had to share it with you all....for those of you who have not yet seen it anyway. I can honestly say that I am a little more pumped up to work out when I am sportin' some coordinated, cute activewear. While it is not the only thing to motivate me, it does help and really does give me an energy boost. I am not one to necessarily 'get ready' to exercise, but I do like to wear something I feel good somehow pushes me to get a good work out in, and keeps that want in me to maintain a nice healthy physic. What motivates you? You can start by browsing here www2.victoriassecret for some motivation, or even just get some inspiration to go hit up T.J. Max, Ross, or the discount racks at Finish Line, Target, or even the department stores.

*If you're not one to work out, or just can't seem to get the motivation at all, then start with even 10 mins. a day of walking, doing three sets of push ups and sit-ups, putting on some good music and running, jumping, dancing in place. Start with something attainable and increase from there. Think of results...feeling good, looking good, and taking care of your ONE and ONLY body!



  1. LOVELY Blog! I Follow You!



  2. So funny cause I've been thinking I want knew work out clothes. The ones I have are getting baggy and It's the same 4 black tops and pants, getting boring!

  3. I totally need those yoga pants!


  4. You are so right, Amanda! I also get a little more pumped up to work out when I am wearing a cute active wear. It just makes you feel good! Have a Blessed Day!