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Friday, November 20, 2009

Picks of the week.

I always like to throw some different styles in for my pics of the week. That's probably because that's more my personality. I like to switch it up quite a bit...dress to impress, simple dresses, boots (all styles..mostly), jackets, be down right comfy and I actually like a sporty style too! Here are some styles that I like for different reasons, and as usual, hope that these can give you some inspiration when going through your closets...or shopping! May all of you style lovelies have a beautiful weekend!

OK, I am liking these jeans that Kim K. has on, and can't help but love the jacket too.

Amerie did it again for this dress, and tan heels too!

Do you see those tights?!

I am into the bomber/biker jackets and I like this casual look with it. Adds just enough to this simple style. * Something to remember: It's always fun to play your make-up, up, when wearing a simple look;)

I am one to usually opt for heels, but Gwyneth shows us that some cute flat boots still give some style (comfort too!) when in mommy mode.

This pic is obviously more about the purse than the outfit, and just wanted to show that a great tote is always needed no matter what the outfit....just makes everything better!!

I not only like the blazer with the skinny jeans that Gabrielle is sportin' , but also like the ruffles peeking out...makes it extra feminine.

I like this just for Keri's the sleeves and the color.

Like the thigh-highs on Hayden, and the coat too.

Eva is another who's style never seems to disappoint me.

Something to ponder on this weekend: If you were at a point were you have reached your FULL potential, where do you feel you would be right now?

Until Monday.....

some images via: peoplemagazine

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