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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cross Over

Yes, braids are back in this spring and summer season (not that they ever really left completely). Weather you are twisting it around the side of your shoulder, wearing it as a head band, dressing this style up for a night out or getting creative, braids are definitely in with the hairstyles right now.

I love and wear this look all the time. The over-the-shoulder side braid is a great, quick style for when you are running out but want to still feel and look put together. As you can see, these lovelies also wore it for more than just 'running out'. Versatile too!

Braids can look very classy when used for dressing the hair up, they seem very timeless with this style.

Yes, the corn rows are back for the ladies again and if you are one who can wear this style, and look good in it, I say do it.....I have always wanted to be able to wear this style, but thank God I recoginize that I can't. I love seeing beauties like Ciara sport this look though.

LOVE this style! Love that it is different and BOLD! Jill Scott is rockin' this style and what a great alternative to shaving one side....Melanie Brown (who actually pulls that off too). It's nice that you still have hair there when you are over the look.

This is a signature look for these beauties. What a nice soft little way to wear the hair down yet dress it up.

**Hope this gets those wheels turnin' for some of you. I know I like to change my hairstyles up and this is a great time (start of spring and change of wardrope) to do it!

Little something to ponder on today: "Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going" ~unknown



  1. I'm not a fan of the messy braids, but the braided up-do's totally work for me. No one does that look better than Mary J. Blige!

  2. Ooh, didn't even think to look for Mary J. Blige for this look, but yes you are right. She wears that style VERY well.

  3. Braids are definitely back!!! I love and wear Lauren Conrad's look all the time. Hope you're having a great week!!!

  4. I love Jill Scott! I am going to see her in concert next month!