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Monday, May 3, 2010

Enduldge a little.

So I was reading an article in my Glamour regarding ways to 'flatten your belly fast' and there was some information that I thought was not only interesting, but important to pass on because I know that MANY of us have a hard time with this area. For many of us it is one part of our body that we want to be nice and thin and flat; no love handles, no pooch yet it is really one of the hardest areas to rid some of those unwanted pounds from. While exercise is helpful, and so important for our health in general, eating really is 90% of the battle. Naturally, when we think of eating and trying to loose some weight we gravitate towards everything that is fat free and sugar free. David Heber, M.D., director for the Center for Human Nutrition at he University of California, Los Angeles, is now saying that according to research they have done it "shows that when women go on a virtually nonfat diet, they lose enzymes that help them digest fat". Basically, when you go off all fat, or almost all, when you do have a break down and order that mouth watering burger and fries you'll end up bloated. The best solution is to incorporate a little bit of everything in what we eat....which also means fat. Wohoo! I think we have always wanted to hear that!! There are healthy fats too like avocados, nuts and so on. Not only will the fat ease our digestion but it will help with those cravings we get when we take all of those yummies away. It's a win win; you don't feel so deprived and play those mind games with yourself, and your tummy will be less bloated which has you feeling better in your clothes! So don't beat yourself up if you do endulge a little.

For more information on this and to read about the other 6 ways in aiding a flatter belly you can go to

** PuCKer uP: A nude lip is a do this spring season. I like to still use a soft pink color and line my lips, fill them in a bit and then smudge a little with my pinkie. Cover with some lip shine and you have a nice nude lip with just enough color and as my wonderful former boss, Brian at Tribe Hair Salon and Spa, would say "ya have your lips on".

Blessings this Monday!!!


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