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Friday, May 14, 2010

Every Girl Loves to Play....

...With our make up. Here are 3 simple ideas to give you when thinking about your application this weekend.

*Want some new colors to try together? Recommended by Glamour, try the navy-blue and bronze combo, like Gabrielle Union has on below. What a Fabulous combo too. Most of us that have some big browns know it is no secret that a navy blue is a great color to make those brown eyes pop. This combo will look good on just about anyone though. Dust a shimmery navy color over the eyelid up to the crease. If you're feeling a little daring you can take it up to the brow bone! Personally, I like to go over the outer corner with a little bit of a darker color after applying my shimmer over the lid...up to you...and then you can also go with a navy colored liner on the bottom lash line. Follow with a bronze color over your cheek bones and lip color as well.

Photo of Gabrielle via done by Christopher Polk-gettyimages for naacp

*Want to have that fake eye lash look without really having to put them in....yourself??

Try dusting your top lashes with a light weight translucent powder and then applying your mascara with nice SLOW strokes. Do a couple of applications and then take a lash comb to remove any clumps.

*Tired of wearing all that make up, and want a nice natural, yet glowing and 'done' sort of look.?

Go with a nice warm pink for you cheek and lip color. The great thing about a warm pink is that it naturally creates a more balanced look to the eye, which is great for hiding imperfections. Stick to some soft neutrals for you eye color, and if you must wear some liner, go with a soft brown. Clean it up well with a q-tip to blend in more and look extra 'clean'. This is a great soft and pretty look and one that Drew Barrymore is known well for.

Happy weekend lovelies!!!



  1. Thanks for the tips Amanda! I really like Drew Barrymore's look! Have a Great Day!

  2. Hi! I love your ideas... My Favourite? Drew she is Lovely

    Moda Eres...

  3. I love Drew's look as well. Just can't go wrong with such a beautiful natural look. Yet, it looks put together which I am all about;) I have to say that I have been playing around with Gabrielle's look to and have loved it. My husband came home the other night from work and kept complimenting me on how good I was that great navy and bronze combo. Seriously gives you a nice glow!