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Friday, May 28, 2010


Something to try on this weekend...

Paisley Tunic Dresses: $39.90 found @ Alloy.

Erica Studded Dress: $39.90 found @ Alloy

If you like these then click here for many more styles and great prices...$40.00 and under!

BTW: Didn't meet my small goal I set to have done last weekend:( was just making a phone call to get my daughter into ballet class. How hard is that?? Getting it done this weekend though, and set a another new goal for this weekend...I am really trying to stick to my word on things I 'say' I am going to do. I am challenging you to do the same;)




  1. Love these dresses! Have a Great Weekend Amanda!

  2. Oh I like that Erica Studded dress!