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Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been such a bad blogger lately! December seems to be full of distractions with Christmas, and all that comes along with that! I am now in the GRIND as I get ready for my parents to come visit us for Christmas....YAY!! So I still might be a little MIA here and there for a bit longer.

I will be much better soon! Hopefully. It seems to be so busy here at the Correa Casa (I will go into more detail in a later post). I just want to continue to wish all of you lovelies a wonderful month of December! I hope this month is merry, cheery, festive, and full of love for you all!

Quick note: Colored pumps and stilettos are all the rage right now. Especially with dresses. Although I am seeing these everywhere, and worn with just about anything. What do you think?

I Have to say that I am diggin' it. Especially when done so tasefully, as Beyonce demonstrates below. Maybe something to think about for that Christmas, Holiday or New Year's party.

Photos and more info. on colored pumps here: essence
Feliz Lunes!!!!

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