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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Make it a POINT to......

So, we are getting ready to finally move (still here in Panama, just a MUCH better area..yay!) and in the process we have had to sell some of our furniture because with this move to a nicer area comes a smaller place! Well, when we first posted our furniture on Encuentra 24 (our Greig's list) I was just beside myself to know that we were practically giving away some very nice furniture! As it turns out, the family that bought it (at a SUPER low price) is a couple who just had a baby, have never owned their own furniture, and finally saved to get something for themselves. What a great feeling to know that our loss, turned into a blessing for someone else. Oddly enough, that is the same thing that happened when we moved from the States down here to Panama. A young couple, new baby and not much money got a beautiful set of furniture from us for practically nothing! They even called me later to thank me and tell me how much they loved it! It really feels good to give, even when you are not sure you want to. I believe, that it always comes back to you.... with more too! Not to be the reason to give, but just to show that when you can give, you shall receive. Plus it just makes you realize how good it feels to know that someone else is better off because of something you did!

**Here's a little catch though!!! The movers, who they have picking up the furniture, were supossed to be here on Monday afternoon, then again on Tuesday morning, then again on Wedsnday afternoon and now it is pushed to Friday! Do you think they are coming?? This is actually very typical down here. You don't know when they are really going to show (because nobody calls to confirm), but they will, it's just usually when you are NOT expecting them! There really are some things that I miss about he U.S!

Have a great day!



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