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Friday, October 8, 2010

Give me 5.

Five quick reasons to exercise:

1) You will get a natural boost in your energy and almost always continue with that energy through out your day.

2) You will get a mood lift. I always (99% of the time) am in a better mood after working out. Along with the natural release of endorphins, I am in a good mood after working out because I just feel better about taking action to help my body stay fit and healthy.

3) Many researchers have shown that anywhere (depending on what you read, or who you talk to) between 20 mins-60 mins of exercise, 4-5 days a week helps to lower your risk against many different cancers.

4) You aid your body in blood circulation, flexibility, and muscle strength which is vitally important for our bodies as we age. It's amazing how great of shape my 86 yr old grandma has been in from walking every morning, followed by stretching. Start those healthy habits now and do your part in helping your body age.

5) You see results! Now this definitely goes along with eating. If you are eating a balanced diet and are steering clear of a high calorie based diet, than you will definitely see some nice results from exercising. Your waist line will go down, you'll tighten your thighs, lift your booty and sculpt your arms. It's really up to you on how much of a result you want to see.

*Remember that fit does not mean thin. It means that you are in great shape due to exercising. Crosstrain to get the best results, as strengthtraining burns more calories than the cardio...but the cardio is so vital to well.....our cardio!!

**One more little thing. Along with exercising your body, exercise your mind. Do some cross words, read, play scrabble, solitaire etc. This too is so important to our health as we get older! Why have the good healthy body if you can't even enjoy it?

Que pase un buen fin de semana!!!




  1. So very true! I feel so much better after exercising. It helps my moods. Eating is definitely key as well. When I combine good nutrition with my workouts I see results fast and I'm pleased. If I just workout and keep eating bad it's just such a waste.