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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work with what Ya got.

The older I get the more comfortable I have become with myself. While I still workout and eat a balanced diet to keep my weight down, I have become A LOT better about not being so hard on myself if I had a week that I only exercised twice or had one too many cheat days with my diet. While I believe in taking care of yourself, more so for your health, but yes, I also do it to keep in shape, I also really believe in a person really valuing who they are. It's good for your soul to love yourself and the things about you. We can aid in changing our appearance with exercise, make-up and things like that, but ultimately we are given these one bodies and it's so important to really learn to love yourself and what you've got. What is something you love about yourself? We all have something about ourselves that when we look into the mirror, we like. We also have things that we don't like. But as I have said I have definitely become more content with myself and it's such a better feeling to focus on the these things we like about ourselves, rather than the things we don't.

I have posted a couple pics (please forgive the terrible quality....such amatures over here!) of the things I like about myself. I have always been grateful and proud of my good pair of athletic legs that the Lord has blessed with. I used to be self-conscious growing up because a couple of my best friends were very skinny and had these little legs. I can tell you that once we were older however, I became very grateful for the set of legs I had. It's amazing how our view of ourselves can be so tainted when we base it off of what others look like or what they have. Another part of my body I like are my shoulders and chest (by chest I don't mean my boobs, I really mean the cheast area above there;). I know kind of a weird pic, and I seriously don't know why I like my shoulders and chest. For some reason I have always liked myself in strapless tops or tank tops. But funny enough, I used to be really self-conscious about this area as well because I have never had these skinny dainty arms and I always felt like my shoulders looked more masculine because they were a little more scuplted. Again, fast forward to woman hood, and you realize that what you thought about yourself before is really not what it was, once you are looking at yourself with a less judgemental pair of eyes.

My basic point today though is to really think about something on yourself you like, and really start focusing on that. You will be amazed at how much better you begin to feel, and in some cases even look. When we like ourselves, we take better care of ourselves which means we take better care in our appearances. The things yo don't like, well, that is up to you to try to change, with in your power, and then learn to quit focusing on it and know that you have plenty of other parts you like. Remember to be grateful for what you have.

When you look good, you feel good.....

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