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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Staples.

Thought that I would share my top 5 'go-to' picks to work as fabulous staples in your wardrobe this Fall. You can continuously mix and match these with so much to constantly have a different look each time you wear them......making all of these worth every penny you spend on them.

A Blazer is such a great piece to add a little extra class to your outfit and it just works in tying everything together with your look.

A nice fitted dark pair of Skinny Jeans. These really go with so much.... blazers, blouses, sweaters, knee high boots, heels....need I say more?

A great Skirt. Even tough it's getting cooler, it doesn't mean that we can't still show some leg. Show off some of those tights and boots this season with some cute skirts.

A nice clean White Button Up. I love this look because it gives you a chance to show off some bolder jewelry, and play up your make-up when going with such a clean and simple look.

A pair of black Leggins. These can give you so many looks, depending what you pair them with; thigh highs, blazers, heels, sweaters, belts, etc. Not to mention that they are actually pretty comfortable.

all images via: bananarepublic

Happy first day of November. Christmas is right around the corner......



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