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Friday, November 5, 2010

Some down time.....

Part of keeping a healthy, radiant, and 'kept' appearance is giving ourselves the proper rest and relaxation that our bodies NEED! It's amazing what a couple days off, and I mean really off, will do for your mood, energy and your appearance. We just got back from a beautiful resort here in Gamboa, Panama and while we only stayed for a quick trip, it was soooo NEEDED!! Give yourself time off will do your body & mind some good!

Here are a couple of quick picks of the beauty that surrounded us right out side our hotel room....

My three Blessings just chillin' in bed. My son is always making either a serious face or a funny face for pictures...drives me crazy, but what are you gonna do! Love the little mi familia!

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Tengan un buen fin de semana!




  1. So pretty and a great pic of the family. I miss you all so much. lots and lots of love and hugs to each one of you!

  2. We miss you too..more than you'll ever know!