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Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Life.....

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, it has been a mixture of busyness with the kids, lack of motivation, and some sorrow in our life. Last week we had some great friends, and people, loose their 14 month old daughter. It has put such a dagger in my heart for them. Being a mother myself, I have such sympathy for them and that is truly every parent's worst nightmere come true. Thier names are Ricky and Louisa, and there daughter's name was Hailey. Please pray for their hearts to be mended, comforted and restored with peace, hope and joy as they continue on with life with out their baby girl.

How fast things can change in our lives, huh? While I love material things like shopping for a great pair of boots, and decorating my house, a nice car etc. this has just been such an in-your- face reminder of how preciuos life is.

We really can't take anything with us when it is our time to go, and while you should strive for more and go for those things you want, the people that we love and the memories we create with them is really what life is about!

Think you're having a bad day? Try picturing your life with out someone you love there. Don't sweat the small stuff, enjoy the important stuff, and let go of the stuff that really doesn't matter!

With that being said, have a great weekend.....with someone you love being in your LIFE.



  1. Wow, that must be horrible for your friends:(

    And amen to everything is too precious

  2. Yes, it is so saddening! life really is a gift!

  3. Well said! Thanks for putting things into perspective! So sorry for your friends loss. I will pray for them.