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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cream vs. Powder

Which do you prefer to use on your eyes? While most of us tend to think that the powder will last longer, crease less and appear less oily, it is quite the contrary. Cream eye shadows actually crease less and absorb less oil, looking more smooth and keeping that fresh look we want longer. This is especially true with warmer climates that tend to make us perspire more...... might think of switching it up to a cream shadow for the summer time!

Some recommendations....

Laura Mercier metallic creme eye colour. Starts at about $26.00

Revlon eye cream shadows for $6.49 which can be found @ Walgreen's

Nars cream eyeshadow starting at $22.00

Mac 12 palette cream shadows starting at $22.99

Of course there are many brands out there to try..... so why not if you haven't? Whether it's a cream or a powder shadow, go with the one that works best for you and looks best on those eyes.

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Happy Monday!!!!


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