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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tic Toc

How do you spend your time? I saw a clip from the the Today Show where author, Laura Vanderkam, talked about her book '168 Hours'. It's basically about focusing on the 168 hours in a week rather than the 24 hours in a day. This can help you to better complete many of those tasks you have for yourself. You can actually visit her website to check out some of what she talked about and get the direct link of her interview on the Today Show.
My point though is, I really got a lot out of her short 3 minute interview. I know that I tend to get side tracked through out my day with FB, e-mails, cleaning, etc. and really, I know I can be more productive. Sometimes I tend to get frustrated with feeling like there is just not enough time to get things done for myself, and I realized yesterday that honestly, it is just how I am spending my time. That even goes with spending some extra time with my little sweeties. She is not trying to tell you to micromanage your time, but to really pay attention to how you spend your time, and re-evaluate what you can do differently to get those things, that are most important to you, done. I am really going to try to pay attention to what I do with my time this week, and re-adjust some things. I just wanted to encourage some of you fellow, motivated, inspired, goal achieving bloggers to do the same....if it's needed;) It's amazing what we are capable of accomplishing, but it's even more amazing at how easily side tracked we can get.

**You can also download a time log on her website where she encourages you to log your time, and how you spend it, for just one week...think I might try it!



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