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Friday, July 2, 2010

Other Places

So, I like to draw inspiration from just about any style when I am wanting to change my own look up. What better way than to see what fashionistas are wearing from all over. Here are some women showing off their styles from San Juan, Brazil, Madrid and England.

Our first one here, left above, is photographed in San Juan. She definitely has some great legs to wear some flat warrior sandals with that short minidress. It's workin' for her. For those of us that might not feel comfortable in something so short, pair that with a great pair of jeans and some heels, and that will be workin' for you.

This Brazilian lovely is all about adding some louder color to her black and white ensemble. You see this a lot out here in Panama too. Many Latin American countries embrace lots of color. I have to say, that I have added a lot more color to my wardrobe since living here.....and LOVE it!

Preppy and little masculine, yet still sexy due to those heels.-Spain

Minishorts + High heels= Muah!-Spain

1960's look for you vintage lovers.- Spain

Personally, I like this dress...a little peasant, vintage, hippie in one...I might loose the jacket myself.

So, shorts with heels are definitely a go in Spain....I would have to agree with that. Definitely makes the legs look longer, which is flattering in shorts. Shorts tend to widen the look of our hips and legs...unless you're super skinny. I would say to put on a smokin' pair of heels if you are going to wear some shorts for a dressier look.

She is wearin' this dress!

Love the clutch...perfect touch to this soft dress.

London -So just about anything goes in London, or so I've heard. I can't completely say that since I haven't been there:) It's a pretty safe place to step out in your own style, or just be bolder with your fashion in general.

Accessories. Here are just a couple of pics to show. I always like to see what others decorate their wrists with:)

pictures by:Jose luis Diez Garde/Susana Molina/Raul Murciego and found via glamour

Tengas un buen fin de semana y bendiciones!!



  1. I am completely in love with the third look. She is ROCKIN' those shorts!

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  2. Love the outfits! Such great looks, can't even pick a favourite!