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Friday, July 23, 2010

Please, NO.

I think one of my biggest pet-peeves are pantie lines. It is with out a doubt just one of those big fashion No No's, yet we all see plenty of them. It seems like summer time brings out the best in many to wear some cute outfits but not properly dress underneath to make their ensemble all the more classy. I have seen many great outfits gone bad all due to pantie lines. It's amazing how much better even your jeans look with out pantie lines too. They are so easy to eliminate as well. These days there are so many alternatives if you are not one to wear a g-string...btw, don't forget to wear a slip with that thong, if needed, under a skirt or a dress;) Just because it is a thong, does not mean it will be pantie line free.

We have just about all heard of Spanx (LOVE). These will automatically give you a pantie line free look with some control top too. What a difference the picture below shows.

There are the 'no line' boy shorts (ultra comfy) like the ones made by jockey here.

Seamless panties are not only ultra light weight and comfortable but they really do look smoother under clothes. This style is great to wear under jeans. They give a little more coverage if you are worried about bending over, and giving a little peek. This style of a seamless 'girdle' is perfect for a more snug, curve showing dress, or top. It really smooths you out through mid section, and definitely takes some inches off within minutes! It has a fabulous control top. This too, is made by Jockey.

Seamless thongs are great under dress pants. A nude one is especially great for those fitted white pants that come out for summer time.

I know that it seems 'old school' to some these days, but a slip really does make a difference in appearance with certain materials, and white under white does not look nearly as clean as wearing nude under white. For instance, wearing a nude bra or panties under a white blouse or white skirt/dress/pants will blend in and give you a much 'cleaner look' vs. wearing white under white.