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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And I quote....

So, I wanted to pass along something that I have actually known since I was a teenager, yet for some reason it really rang true to me this past weekend when I heard it from my husband's mouth. Let me rewind real fast. When my sister and I were growing up and hit our pre-teens/teens, we were naturally wanting to start showing some midriff, let our shirt hang off of our shoulder, and wear a shirt that was 2 sizes too small so it was nice and tight. Our mom, however, would NOT buy clothes like that for us. We of course, felt like she didn't understand and that we weren't going to be viewed as 'cool' in school, or more importantly, with the boys. However, my mom always stood by her decision to keep us on the more conservative side (and I can see now, that is was preserving our youth and innocence) and backed it up with this quote that her dad, my grandpa, told her, " I can guarantee that if a man walks into a bar and sees two beautiful women, one which has more clothing covering her, he will probably look at the one bearing more first, BUT he will remember the women that is covered up far more because there is something so sexy when a women leaves something to the imagination". Of course a 14 yr old hearing that isn't really listening to this, but instead thinking of what she can borrow from her friend.

Fast forward to this weekend when I showed my husband this lovely suit that I purchased, after waiting for it to go on clearance with VS...and it did!
Well, of course he loves it and gave me the whole "yea, baby that will look good" stuff. But when I showed him how I missed wearing things like this (which I don't, due to my stretch marks on my tummy from babies..just don't feel as attractive baring them, like to keep those for my viewing only;)

....this is what my husband told me "I actually have always preferred something like this "
I was, of course, surprised and when I asked him why, what do you think he told me? "Well, of course the bikinis are hot (go figure) but I have always thought that it is more sexy when you see a beautiful women with something on that leaves a little to the imagination". Was my granddaddy right, or what?? I had heard that same thing over 15,16 yrs ago, yet when I heard it from my husbands mouth again it just really made what my mom always preached, and that example from my grandpa, ring so true to my sweet ears.

I have actually always held that close in the back of my mind, and really never revealed too much, my sister being the same way, because of that example my mom used. But don't let me fool you, I have always made sure to keep myself in style and can proudly say I have turned a few heads......JK....well, kind of;)

Now that I have a daughter boy does that really mean something. I am not knocking anyone who might like to dress wearing something that is "less is more", but I am saying that these young girls today have skin right in front of their faces. From the TV, to magazines and the internet we see women with very little on and it is so important to educate and reassure them that "baring a little extra" is not always as sexy as it seems to be. Don't believe me? Ask a couple of different men and see what you come up with.

I hope for all of you with daughters out there that you can pass that on to them too. How a women holds herself with confidence, dresses with class and exudes the respect that she has for herself, is definitely going to hold her in a man's head longer than that women who might have caught his first glance.

**On that note, I also just wanted to post some suits that look fabulous on some women of plus size (according to who?)....cough, the average show that it's all about how you wear it...and wear something that fits. This rule of thumb actually goes for you little size 2's as well. Oh, I have seen some little thin women have a droopy, saggy butt in their bikini bottoms that are too big on them....just sayin'.....not cute. On that note take a look...

All images via: Victoria Secret and Layne Bryant

Have a FABULOUS summer, leaving a little to the imagination lovelies!!!!


  1. Fabulous post, absolutely fabulous. The first word Levi said he would use to describe me is class - "You are just classy, I don't know how else to describe it." And in the immortal words of Ludicrous..."A man wants a lady on the streets..." well you know the rest. ;)

  2. 很喜歡看看別人的生活故事,謝謝您的分享哦~~..................................................................

  3. Love this!! something I have personally always lived by myself. and...I dont even like to buy my girls Barbi's that are "underdressed".. ha ha. got to keep it real :)