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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Downward Dog

Did you know that most work out routines are missing yoga? I recently learned this and have to admit that I am one of those who fall into that category....until this week that is;) I just starting incorporating 10 minutes of yoga at the end of my workout routine and I have loved it so far....for the last 3 whole days! OK, I know that it is still knew and fresh, and that is why I am on a yoga high right now, but I have been asking myself "why have I not started this earlier"?
I am one that has always suffered from leg cramps from time to time (TERRIBLE ones when I was prego) and I can't tell you how the stretching in the yoga is already doing wonders for my calves. I did not realize how tight they were/are until I was forced to really stretch them more in my yoga. I can see how great this is for your body, and just wanted to encourage those of you that are not doing it to try it out. I have a friend that had some pretty bad back pain, and her doctor recommended for her to try yoga....she has been pain free since starting yoga class and I can really believe it now that I am doing it myself.
On that note, y'all have a great week. If you get a chance, even try a quick 5 minutes of some yoga on Youtube...seriously worth it...especially for your body.


  1. Woohoo! I am so glad that you are doing are required to live a long life and grow old with me so that we can talk about EVERYTHING in our old age just like grandma and Aunt Bernice or grandma and Aunt Jean. :) love you and miss you so much more than you will ever know.