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Monday, August 30, 2010

It could be from what you are eating....

Are you in your thirties (or somewhat close to) and wondering why your skin looks like a hormonal teenager sometimes? Or feel like you paid your dues with acne in your teens, and you thought once you were really an adult that you would never see another pimple again? 54% of women of age 25 or older actually suffer from acne and if acne is something that you have always had to deal with, off and on since your teens, then the cause of it could actually be what you are eating. Yes, it really could be from a food allergy. I recently read here @ highonhealth that many people have cured their acne through what they are eating. Wheat and dairy (cow's milk) are the most common culprits, but eggs, nuts, soy, fish, shellfish and gluten are all foods that can cause a food allergy as well. Food allergies cause an inflammatory reaction with in your body, and acne is definitely an inflammatory result.

I know that when my skin is looking all dewy, and clear I definitely feel better about my over all appearance. I can only imagine that most of you feel the same way.....especially if you are a 'grown up' women in you thirties. If you suspect that this could be the case for you, then try eliminating certain foods for one month and see if it helps your skin. You could also always go get tested for food allergies, but it's worth saving some money right off of the bat and trying it out for yourself. If you're not sure then just try paying attention to your body, and skin in particular, when you are eating certain foods and see if you find any type of flare up when you do eat a certain food....if so then eliminate it and see what happens. Another reminder to also get that water in, and lots of it, daily;)

If you are suffering from acne, check this site out Fran is a women who cured her acne naturally, and shares her secrets, along with so many other great health related topics, with you.

** A great make up tip for dealing with acne is to wear a warm pink lip stick. It naturally gives an illusion of a more even skin tone, and draws attention away from the blemishes!

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