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Friday, September 3, 2010


So I was on the phone with my mom the other morning and she told me that they actually already had some frost that morning in Colorado. That is a sure sign that fall is moving in, and with it is a wardrobe change. Man I miss that! Living in a tropical climate has it's perks, but one of the downsides is the lack of seasonal change. True seasonal change, for those of us that grew up in a climate that really has one. Anyhow, for those of you that are slowly starting to have those cooler mornings and nights here are some transitional sweaters, that you can purchase or bring back out of the closet.

Ditch the sweatshirt hoody, and replace it with a sweater hoody for a look that is a little more 'put together'.

via victoriassecret

I love this buckle wrap sweater dress....via VS

Cotton Thermals and jeans are such a comfy, yet cute combo for fall...perfect for those football game get-togethers.

This deep cowl neck looks good with jeans, dress pants and versatile. Great mix and match sweater.

all three of these are via victoriassecret

I love this drapy cardigan. Again so cute, and can go with so much. It's the perfect fall staple.

another lovely cardigan....

via bananarepublic

Living in a climate that is not ready for sweaters yet, or really at all, but want to keep up with the style change? Try a sweater vest then. These sweaters are super chic, yet still super cool....

via bananarepublic

this last sweater vest: via victoriassecret

Or, try a short sleeve sweater for those warmer fall climates...via BR.

Not much into sweaters? Go with a light jacket then.

This drawstring anorak jacket is perfect for fall and can work as a great staple, especially for the weekends.

This Draped collar and tie leather coat is also chic look. It is still light weight enough to not feel like you are all bundled up. Great for those evenings you are coming home after the sun has gone down.
Both jackets above can be found via lanebryant.

Happy Weekend all!!!


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  1. LOVE the belted cardigans and the buckle wrap sweater dress is gorgeous!