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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attention all Models OR Aspiring ones.

OK, so not sure if many of you pretty faces out there have heard of this web site shown above. If you haven't, and are literally trying to get your face out there in the world of modeling, then I would seriously recommend it. With just about everything going viral these days, and the web being a platform of opportunity in almost every venue, this website is definitely worth looking into for promoting yourself. While this site is biggest for helping new and aspiring models to get seen and found by top international model agencies, it's also helps existing professional models to get maximum exposure, agencies discover and connect with the freshest international talent, photographers find and connect with the right models for their shoots and aid any other professionals (make-up artists, clients for campaign adds etc.) in this industry seeking models. It's main purpose is to connect models with everyone in the industry.

How it works: You register (FREE) and then create your own personal profile (portfolio) in order to begin networking with other members and get your face seen. For more exposure you can apply for one of their paid memberships plans. If you're very serious about pursuing modeling as a career, this might be the way to go in order to be pro-active for yourself. An added plus; they also continually post open casting calls and photo shoots that are coming up....and it's international.

Once you have your portfolio up: It is important to network, network and then network some more. Interact with people, keep your portfolio fresh and updated (which if you don't have one they offer to help make you one), participate in some social media for yourself (FB, Twitter....), and do a lot of interacting with other members on the site.'s whole purpose is to bring together models, photographers and agencies. So, if you sign up use this platform to it's fullest advantage, as this is the fastest growing model community in the world right now.

Did I mention that large companies such as Nike, elite, Ford Models, MTV, ESCADA and more use this site?

*For more information (you can find out just how much they offer) go to

One more thing to add....they just hosted the Fresh Faces Paris 2010 competition which takes ordinary people and turns them into models. **Just a little side note to show how fast this platform is growing.

Ahhh, weekend is here.....

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