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Monday, September 13, 2010

H-double 0-P-S

What's your go to item? That one consistent accessory, or article of clothing, that you almost always 'go to'. For me, it's my hoops. Whether gold or silver (preferably gold), big, jumbo, small, frosted with diamonds, odd shaped, etc. my beloved hoops are definitely my one accessory that I almost always make sure to have on. They make your hats look even better, they add a little some um' some um' when you are dressed down, they peak though your long locks to show themselves, or they make a statement when you hair is all pulled up. I love that whether you are dressed up or down, hoop earrings always come through in the style department for me!

Here are some more fellow hoop wearers, along with some different hoop styles! I think you'll see why I absolutely love my hoops!

The styles are endless with hoops...hence, you can never have too many;)

Need I say more? So, what's your go to fashion item??

Hope your Monday was fabulous!!




  1. I'm obsessed hoops! I have pictures from when I was a baby rocking hoops. I literally get out of bed and reach for my hoops on the night stand...Literally.