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Monday, September 27, 2010

These can't be "mom" jeans?

And they're technically not called that. However, I am branding these See by Chloé wide leg jeans as my new pair of "mom" jeans. These are already a fabulous pair of jeans for most women, but when you are running around with the kids, bending over, picking them up, having them hang on you, etc., you definitely don't want to be in a low rise, tight pair of pants. It is so not worth the hassle, and self-consciousness that come with that. This style of jean, in particular, have a little bit of a higher waist, which not only holds your tummy in a little but they keep some coverage for when you are bending over to grab something that dropped for the 4th time...whew!

Along with all of that, wide legs are making an appearance again this season (yes!) so you'll have style to go along with comfort! Now, I realize that some of us may not have the funds in which a pair of See by Chloé jeans might cost, but you now know what is available out there, in MANY other brands. This is a great style to go check out, try on and add to your wardrobe this fall!

All images are See by Chloé jeans found at net-a-porter

Want to see just how great these jeans look? Head over to Karla's Closet and take a peak. She is wearing a pair in one of her recent posts, and you'll see why I am loving these jeans.

Have you switched over from sandals, and all opened toed shoes, to your boots yet?? I know when I lived in a climate that was cooler by now, I usually made October my official month to retire my sandals until it was time to bring them out again. Just curious what so many of you do now!




  1. I saw these on Karla from Karla's Closet blog. They are too cute on her but I agree that they are the new mom jeans

  2. Yes! I saw these on her too, and they are so cute...she totally would be one hot mom in them, if she were a mom!! I love the high waist on them, and that is exactly what made me think they are so great for mama's. However, she is a great model for these jeans!

  3. I think this is such a flattering shape... I used to love the boot leg when it was a trend a few years back (although they weren't high waisted then). They look so comfortable!

  4. Those are divine! I've been on the hunt for some wide legs for over a month!

  5. love the See by Chloe jeans! Never "mom jeans" if styled right :)

    xo Niki
    A Haute Mess

  6. i am a mom too and these are the perfect jeans when you're over the sweatpants,unflattering mommy look..especially the see by chloe ones!