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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finding the Perfect jeans

We have all gone through those awful dressing room moments of frustration due to not being able to find a pair of flattering jeans that we love. Searching for those perfect fitting jeans can feel so discouraging. Here are a couple of tips to help when shopping for those awsome fitting, figure flattering, desired jeans.

Be true to the fit and size you are. It is so important to have a pair of denims that fit nicely all over: waist, butt, thighs and style of the pair. Don't compromise one area just because another has a nice fit. A couple of great web sites that will help customize your fit and guide you to that perfect brand for your body are and

Remember that alterations to bring in the waist, or take up the length are pretty inexpensive. Most dry cleaners or local alteration shops usually charge $5 to $20 for the service. Definitely worth it if you find that right pair of jeans.

The Style is important. Boot cut, Straight leg, Slight flare, Flare, etc., all have different ways in flattering different shapes, heights, and weights.

Age appropriate is important too. A couple of great styles for late 20's,30's,and 40's are the Straight leg, or the Relaxed trouser (great for the office or events-jean appropriate ). Also, less is more so basically no, or not so much of, decoration or "bells and whistles" on the denims.

Extra tips: Boot cuts tend to flatter heights 5'4'' and taller, pockets on the butt and jeans that fall at your waist line help to create a butt for you, pointed shoes will make your legs appear longer where as a rounded tip will minimize them, and the Skinny jean tends to create some curve on those straight figures. Much more info on those sites listed above.

*When you do find that perfect jean it is wise to buy two pairs; one to wear with your heels, and one to wear with your flats.
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