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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Mood Food.

Can what you eat affect how you view and care for yourself? Of course it can. When you are feeling down, frustrated, tired and lazy you, naturally, don't feel like putting yourself together. While daily exercise can help to boost your spirits, so can all that yummy food that we put into our bodies, which also aids in helping you keep that exercise routine. Fruit smoothies, spoon fulls of guacamole with some crackers, apples, berries, mangoes, carrots (sure you can have some dip with them....some), nuts, whole grains, and more will all help to keep you feeling energized, happy and just in an all around good mood. These also all enhance things like blood flow, healthy looking skin, and reduction in varicose veins, just to name a few.

** You can go to these sites for much more info. and read plans on eating good foods for you moods:,

Why not put good stuff into you body so that it will show on the outside, not only with how you feel but also how you look, which = you feeling like this!

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